Hot skinny blonde can sense her stepbrother wants to fuck her

Her apartment was being renovated, so her stepbrother offered her to stay at his place. They don’t see each other as much anymore, so this was a chance for them to bond. He showed her to the spare room and told her to get comfortable. She’s a bit messy, so she just threw all of her clothing on the bed. When he came back to check on her, he got a bit flustered from seeing her underwear. Then the sexy teen babe walked out of the bathroom with a towel only around her bottom half, showing her perky boobs. Like a schoolboy, he quickly looked at the ground and ran out. His shyness made her even more horny. The naked girl broke out her favorite pink dildo. It felt nice in her pussy and rubbed her clit as well. The toy made her cum, but she wanted the real thing. Right after orgasm, she called her stepbro again while her slim long legs were spread wide. His jaw dropped when he saw his stepsister naked. The naked girl grabbed onto his hips and unzipped his pants. Suddenly, she wasn’t his stepsis anymore. She was just a horny slut. He let her take his dick and put it in her mouth. Her blowjob skills were great. She was gentle but used a lot of tongue. The teen babe looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes as she drooled on his cock.


He didn’t protest at all while his stepsister sucked him off. Seeing as he’s into it now, too, she got up and mounted him. Her pussy was still wet from the toy, so she took it all the way in one go. He grunted loudly at the incredible feeling of her tight pussy. Skinny girls have amazingly tight pussies! She giggled as she rode him in a teasing way. Her small boobs jiggled with every bounce. Not wanting her to do all the work, her stepbro told her to get on her back. A slut like her needed a good pounding, he thought. Family or not, he drove his dick deep into her little cunt, replacing her giggles with moans. She let him go as fast as he wanted to and enjoyed the ride. To get a better grip, he grabbed onto her tiny waist and fucked her even harder. While she didn’t have the biggest ass, he still wanted her doggy style. She happily bent over and invited him by swaying her booty. He banged her hard and fast, making loud clapping noises every time he thrust into her. Even though this was great, she loved eye contact and wanted to be on top again. The sexy skinny naked girl spread her legs, letting him decide the pace. He fucked his stepsister’s wet pussy like he never did another girl. At the last second, he pulled out and came on her face and her small titties.






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