No one fucks as good as two lesbian besties

Clara and Jade have been besties since they met in their first year of college. Today is a typical day in the library, except for one thing. An obnoxious hot stud wannabe is hitting on Clara. He’s actually making her uncomfortable. Jade tells him to fuck off and guy finally gives up. She is proud she defended her friend, a little too proud, it seems. Clara realizes this excess of protectivity, and it makes her intrigued. Was her bestie actually jealous and possessive? Later, the girls take a small break, and Jade starts hitting on her friend. Clara feels a bit uncomfortable but is glad that Jade finally gathered the courage to make a move. She lunges over the table to kiss her best friend. That French kiss feels nice and long, exactly as it should between two young girls who’ve wanted to fuck for so long. Jade keeps the initiative and grabs her bestie’s pussy. She rubs on her sweet cunt until the librarian throws them out. Jade isn’t letting up. The girls go to the toilet, where Jade eats her friend’s pussy out from behind. The teen lesbians do crazy stuff together, run from their fellow coeds and end up in sixty-nine in the cafeteria. Lunch has never been sweeter for Jade, as Clara cums inside her mouth. She tastes amazing. Jade just can’t stop sucking on the juices, as if she’ll never get another chance and must remember them good. She even licks Clara’s asshole so as not to miss a thing. Clara feels like she’s never felt before. She squirms, winds, and grinds on her friend’s face and pays close attention to her pussy. Jade gave up her bald pussy to Clara so that she could eat it raw. After composing herself from all the intense orgasms, Clara rubs on Jade’s pussy like crazy. The sweet white pussy juices drip out of Jade’s pussy as she cums. Clara’s never done anything like this before, so she’s very curious. She dips her tongue in and tastes the produce. It tastes really good. After Jade comes back to her senses, she suggests they scissor, and so the naked girls do. Their pussies make a vacuum and glide over each other well into the night. Who knows how many times the girls cum? Apart from their boring exams, the college girls will be studying each other’s pussies now. That’s so much more fun.






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