Sexy babe tries getting into girls, her lesbian friends are more than willing to help

Kenna always felt funny when around girls in the locker room. She caught herself staring at their naked bodies far too much. Kenna gave lesbian porn a shot, but it couldn’t get her off. A bit embarrassed, she gave her friends Anastasia and Jane, who are a lesbian couple, a call. Kenna was nervous but desperately needed to cum. The girls tried using a massager first, but it didn’t work either. The couple eased her tension by caressing and kissing her softly. Kenna let them do their magic, already feeling a bit better. Jane took off Kenna’s shirt and played with her rock-hard nipples. At the same time, Anastasia peeled off her panties. Kenna’s clit was so sensitive that she jumped when Anastasia touched it. The lesbians held her down, and Anastasia went back in, much gentler this time. Kenna was so horny, but her clit was killing her. All of them knew Kenna needed to cum! Slowly getting used to her friend’s hot tongue, the girls brought out the toy again. It was so strong that her body felt like it would explode. Determined to see it through until the end, Jane tenderly kissed Kenna while Anastasia worked the vibrator. Through a team effort, the blonde managed to orgasm, and all of her problems were gone. Now that she felt more comfortable, she wanted to repay the two. This is what the lesbians came for, stripping swiftly and getting ready. Kenna remained sandwiched in between them, licking Jane’s pussy while Anastasia brought her to another orgasm. I love how at the beginning Anastasia is so careful and barely touches Kenna’s labia and then they switch places and Jane pretty much smashes her face into Kenna’s crotch. Jane tribbing Anastasia’s pussy vigorously while Anastasia has a mouthful of Kenna’s pussy? Yes please! Three naked girls kept changing positions, making sure each of them came many times. A new world of sex opened to Kenna, and her lesbian friends were happy to share with her. Absolutely incredible performance. So much to be turned on by here. One of the strongest lesbian threesomes I’ve personally seen.






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