Teen girls need regular orgasms, and a doctor is going to teach how

Adria has been having some strange feelings lately, so she goes to get a checkup. It’s a good thing that this slim brunette with a gorgeous face, long legs, and a pair of sweet tits is in the secure hands of Alexis. This stunning MILF is a real pro when it comes to teen girls. Adria girl strips and the doctor examines her breasts. After making her strip completely, she touches her sweet cunt, under the auspices of checking her vulva. When Adria isn’t looking, Alexis sucks her juices right off her fingers. She’s already that she’s going to be very unprofessional today because Adria looks and tastes amazing. Once the girl admits that she never cums to Dr. Alexis, she takes her stethoscope off, pushes Adria’s legs back, and starts eating her out like mad. All teenage girls need regular orgasms, and the doctor is going to teach Adria how, starting by licking her pussy lips and sucking her clit. Her tongue spins around that young clit and slides deep inside her pussy. She even eats her asshole out, just to taste if it’s as good as her pussy. “It’s peachy,” Alexis thinks to herself. Adria can’t cum just yet but is eager to return the favor. The naked woman sits on her face, just like she did on so many of her previous female patients. Adria makes this lesbian MILF cum in her mouth. Afterward, the naked girls were sixty-nine. The teen’s young pussy feels so good. She grinds on the doctor’s face and then on her pussy as they scissor. Who knows how many times the pair cums? The MILF feels her work is done as she looks into Adria’s eyes and sees the awakened forces of her sex drive. “You’re all good and healthy now, girl,” she mutters through the pussy juices.






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