My stepdaughter apologizes for forgetting it was Father’s Day by letting me cum in her

She was feeling guilty about forgoing Father’s Day, so she came into my room to apologize. Dani came in wearing tiny shorts and a top with no bra on, jumping onto my bed. I placed my big hand on her tummy and started fondling her while slowly pushing my hand into her shorts. I lifted my hand up and caressed her boobies as well while placing my hand back into her pants. I rubbed her pubic mound, her labia, her clit while she was still in her shorts, moaning like a good princess. I lifted her shorts, revealing her small breasts, and took off her shorts, exposing her shaved coochie. My hand was covered in her pussy juice, and so I placed my fingers on her clitoris, fondling it slowly but surely. I pushed my middle finger inside her young pussy and fingered her. After I made her cum later that day, she prepared a Father’s Day celebration for daddy. Dani wore another white top with no bra and a mini red skirt, and for a surprise, she took off her shirt. We moved on the sofa, and my naked stepdaughter removed my trousers, revealing my big hard cock. She put daddy’s dick into her mouth and sucked on it deep and sensual. She slurped the top of it slowly but then went faster and faster, but the cock was too big for her. When she made me lubed up with her spit, I placed her on the sofa and grabbed her by the legs. I spread her legs and shoved my spit-covered schlong inside of her soft, shaved cunt. I pushed it inside slowly and made Dani moan, making her crave more and more. I grabbed her leg and placed it on my shoulder while sliding it inside once more fucking her. When I sped up, I pulled it out and started to cum then I shoved it inside and poured my semen into her pussy. Daddy continued fucking her like that, and then when I pulled it out, the sexy naked girl spread her legs with jizz leaking over. I lay on the sofa, and the baby girl got on top of the cowgirl, riding it like the good girl that she is. When she turned around, continuing to ride me, it revealed her back tattoo and her asshole. She fucked me, and I spread her ass cheeks, watching my cock go deep inside. We switched into doggy style while I grabbed her tiny waist and fucked her until I came again.






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