A Double Helping – Part 2 (F)

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The rain, which had slowed during my sexual encounter with Lawrence, began to pour again.  I got home and ran as fast as possible to the house.  I could feel the mushy thong between my butt cheeks, and it made me antsy and hot.  The idea of Larry peeling it off to examine my sloppy hole made my loins clench.  This was the most erotic thing I’d ever done, for sure!

Larry wasn’t in the living room or kitchen, so I figured he was in our room.  I actually found him working out in our makeshift gym, a room at the end of the hall where we keep exercise equipment.  I paused in the doorway and eyed my striking husband as he lifted weights, his muscular biceps straining, sweat shining on his tanned skin.  His shirtless back was facing me, and every movement made the sinews ripple deliciously.

Softly, I crept up behind him, stopped, and kissed his back.  He turned.

“You’re home!” he observed, as if surprised.

“Yeah, I’m finished at Lawrence’s,” I answered with a smirk.

His eyes at once raced over me questioningly.  “Did you…?”

I swiveled, presenting my bottom to him.  “Suppose you check for yourself?”

The second his hands touched my hips, I turned to jelly inside.  He was about to take my skirt off and see the most naughty sight he would ever see: another man’s cum leaking out of me.

But instead of getting right to work, Larry smoothed his hands up my sides and cradled my tender breasts in his palms.  His breath was warm on my neck.  “Tell me everything.  What was it like?” His voice was low and seductive.

“It was amazing,” I murmured, backing up so my body arched into his.  I reached up to caress his hair as he nuzzled my neck.  His hands sensually squeezed and twisted my breasts.  “He was incredible.”

“From the beginning,” Larry urged.

My eyes closed as I focused on the electricity between us.  I couldn’t help rubbing against his crotch.  It was easy to feel his full penis through his silky gym shorts.  My hands darted to cover his as he worked my breasts.

“When I got there, it was raining hard.  He helped me get my stuff inside and got soaked.  I could see his sexy chest through his wet shirt.  And he was boldly undressing me with his eyes because my clothes were sticking to me.”  My voice was a soft, coy murmur, and at each word I sensed my husband becoming more excited.  “He let me change in the bathroom and brought me a robe, but I opened the door wearing only a towel.”

“Little tempter,” Larry growled.

“He said something similar.  Said I shouldn’t walk around half-naked in a strange man’s house.  And he asked if I was married.  I said yes.  He couldn’t get why you let me go places by myself, because men would be sure to hit on me.  He said I would make men hard.”

“He was right,” and Larry ground against me just then with a very distinguishable erection.

“He told me he’d been imagining my body and making love to me the last couple times we met for work,” I went on huskily, enjoying the hot, wet kisses my husband was leaving all over my neck and shoulders.  “I reminded him that I have a husband, and he said I was too much for one man.  I could satisfy you both.”

“Damn right you could,” Larry swore hoarsely.

“He stripped the towel off of me and I was naked.  My back was to him, just like mine is to you now.  I rubbed his bulging cock with my ass.”

Larry sucked in air as I repeated the action on him.  His hands fumbled around and pulled at my skirt and thong.  I kicked them both away.  My blouse followed.  I had not put my bra back on, and my taut nipples at once captured Larry’s attentive fingers.

“Then he made me face him as he took off his jeans.  God, he was so handsome, all muscle and sex appeal, just like you.  He began grinding his unprotected dick along my slimy petals.  Oh man, it was good.”

“You mean like this?” Larry freed his own penis and slid it between my thighs.

“Yes! Oh yes,” I exhaled.  “He teased me like that for a minute, saying all kinds of steamy things.  How my legs should be around him while he thrust into me.  How he wanted to see my ass jiggle.  How he wanted to hear his balls slapping me.”

Larry suddenly spun me around and kissed me hard.  When he let me up for air, our breaths mixed heavily.  “You are so sexy,” he declared fervently, his eyes absolutely consuming my face.  His hands were kneading my soft, tight buttocks.  His cock was probing along my cleft, aching to find its final destination.  “Then what?”

“He carried me to the bed, looking like some kind of Greek god as he stood gazing at me, naked and virile.  Just feeling his hands on me made me gush.  He kissed my entire body.  I don’t think he left a single spot untouched.  He was literally claiming me, making me all his.”  I gazed up longingly into Larry’s eyes and he took the hint, proceeding to kiss my neck and down to my heaving breasts.  I combed my fingers through his hair.

“Keep going,” he encouraged.

I started to, but Larry took the peak of one breast into his mouth, then swiped it with his warm tongue.  I gripped him and took a sharp breath.  “Oh yeah, that’s good! Uh, anyhow, Lawrence put a finger in me, then two, and made me jerk him off at the same time.  His cock felt so good in my hand, firm and covered in satin.  But we both wanted more.”

Larry’s finger slid into my wet vagina right then, forcing me to gasp and break off.  “Yes?” he prodded.

“So… he entered me doggy-style and pounded me hard,” I said in one breath as my husband worked his magical finger inside me.  “I was yelling, it felt so awesome.  He slammed into me so fast and deep.  I could hear the plop of his heavy balls every time he shoved in up to the hilt.”

Larry abruptly pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock, pushing into me with one move.  I hung on to his arms and cried out in delight.  “Oh my God! I’m still so wet from him! Do you feel it? He wanted you to slide your dick into my cunt while it was full of his cum.”

“God, yes, it’s incredible,” Larry grunted, moving in and out frantically, supporting me the whole time.  “Finish the story, Callie.”

“I was on my back with my legs up on his shoulders when we both came,” I gasped.  “He was taking me over and over with such passion, such wildness! I loved seeing his muscles flexing as he drove himself into me.  We were sweaty and hot, and all I could hear was his squelching dick and his loud profanities.  Then he unleashed his load in me.  I could feel it shooting up inside me, warm and thick.  It was a huge creampie.  Most of it’s still in me.  You’re… you’re pushing it deeper into my womb.  Yes, Larry, yes, pound me, make hard love to me! Oh, God… oh, Larry… yes, yes, yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

My insides clenched and then released, spilling my sexual fluids over my husband’s violently-pumping cock.  He came a second later with a growling, “Oh my God! Yes!” while he held himself balls-deep in my hole and added his flood of semen to Lawrence’s.  When he withdrew, still breathless and grunting, a string of creamy liquid stuck to his softening penis.

“Oh boy, that was… so hot!” Larry exclaimed, sitting down on the closest seat.

I laughed, though it was weak because I now felt like I was boneless after my orgasm.  I caught some of the cum flowing from my cunt and licked it up.  “Now I know what it’s like to get sloppy seconds,” I joked.  “Both from the same man.  Baby, you were so good! You made me feel so good.”

“I’m just honored I get to be the man in your life, as well as ‘the other man’,” he answered with a grin, welcoming me onto his lap as I settled on his thighs and kissed him.  I let him taste the cum in my mouth and he sighed in pleasure.

“Suppose we try it some time where I’m the other woman? Up for that?” I asked coyly.

“If it involves making love with you, I’m up for anything,” Larry stated before entwining his tongue with mine again.

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