Sex at Hotels

My wife and I have had sex or done something sexual at every hotel or anywhere we have travelled. It’s like an unwritten rule that we have. We’ve never formally agreed on it, but when we travel, we’re totally relaxed and there’s time for sex.

It’s expensive to keep going away so we go when we can afford it. It’s so much better afterward with no work in the morning or housework that you’ve been putting off.

Strangers hearing our moans or the bed creaking turns me on, and maybe my wife, depending on the circumstances. It might even trigger them to start their own lovemaking.

I should clarify that it’s always been in our room and not elsewhere in the hotel. I have suggested a few places but they all seem too risky to be seen. Being heard of course, as stated above, is acceptable for us.

I might try a story based on our next travel away or recap a previous experience. To be honest, I haven’t searched for similar posts, so apologies if it’s been covered before.

I can’t wait to go away again! But first, I need to improve our home sex life instead of wishing the time away, no pun intended. I hope to hear about your hotel sex adventures in the comments.


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