Sex Prayers Answered



My beautiful and sexy wife arched her back in sexual ecstasy as we both enjoyed her body’s personal earthquake. She was in pure aroused bliss as I orally and manually loved on her nipples. But let me explain how we got here:

It was a Monday morning. We almost always have sex twice a week. Melody, my wife, had experienced a good sleep thanks to our new adjustable bed. She was 2 1/2 months into the rollercoaster ride of back surgery recovery, and some days were down—but today was clearly up!

As I approached her on the bed, I mentioned that the power went out last night and then turned back on.

Her sexy reply was “I’M turned on!” Then she arched her back to push up her breasts and began stroking and pinching her lovely pink nipples. “Perfect raspberries for my Tom,” she said.

That was the clear signal that Melody was INTO sex from the get-go this morning!

We started with kisses that soon practically became tongue tonsillectomies. My hand found her left breast, and then my mouth moved to her right one.

“Oooo! You’re so good at that!” she exclaimed with a loud sigh.

I sat up and mixed some AloeCadabra Cherry Lemonade lube with a larger-than-normal lump of coconut oil then said, “Open the pretty pink pussy.” I rubbed some of it on Melody’s clit then slid the rest of the concoction in and pushed it way up inside her cunt. Then my finger lingered and played for a minute, including rubbing her G-spot.

My wife tensed up to squeeze my finger with her pussy, and another long sexy sigh escaped her lips as I then rubbed her vulva and clitoris.

“This lube is properly named,” I said. “Because it is CHERRY Lemonade!”

“I get it!” she said with a smile.

But I still replied with a grin, “Because I popped your cherry when you GAVE me your virginity on our honeymoon.” (See our recent two-part story called “Melody’s First Time.”)

Then I added, “Melody you GAVE me your virginity. You did not lose it. Losing implies that your virginity was misplaced or taken from you. But the fact is you GAVE your virginity to me and receiving it and still getting to love on your beautiful body with your smooth sexy skin was and is one of the biggest blessings of my life.”

She pulled me down and gave me another long tongue-y kiss. I came up for air and looked into her beautiful, deep-set, almond-shaped eyes. Then my gaze drifted down the length of her beautiful smooth skin and sexy, curvy body. I was once again in wonder that this beautiful woman was mine, and I hers. She went back to stroking her nipples.

“You don’t believe it, but you are sooo beautiful!” I said. “Beautiful eyes, ageless smooth soft skin, but right now I’m gonna focus on your beautiful full tits.” And I dove in again. After a bit, I handed her the wand vibe, and she used that on her clitty while I knelt by her to rub my tip on her titty.

I said, “Let’s add some love juice.” I scooped some lube from her pussy and rubbed it on both nips. Then I resumed pumping my rod as the underside of my tip rubbed on Melody’s right nipple.

“Does that feel good?” I asked as she was clearly sighing again.

“Yes!” she said with sexy enthusiasm. I was rubbing my glans on her closest nipple for quite a while as she buzzed her clitoris with the wand vibrator.

Next, I leaned over to lick and suck the mixture of her juices, coconut oil, Cherry Lemonade lube, and my precum off her nipples. Mmmmmmm! Then she kissed me, and we shared the taste! But more tasting was to cum!

“Remember the rule,” Melody reminded me as she gazed lustily at my full and sizeable erection. “If you can, you should!”

This was her way of inviting me in, so I asked, “Do you want Fred to go spelunking in your cave of wonders? Do you want my big cock in your pussy?”

“Yes!” she insisted. “I want Fred inside my pussy now!”

But as I moved down, I could not resist diving face-first into her pussy region. I immediately focused on licking and sucking her delicious, cherry lemonade-flavored clit .  Next, I moved into our go-to cuissade sex position. I slid just my tip into her wet cunt then paused before I thrust fully in.

She gasped and said, “Mmmm, like that!”  I started thrusting vigorously, deep into her pussy as she squeezed my dick with her Kegal muscles.

Melody was now buzzing her clit with a bullet vibe as we fucked each other frantically. I reached up to play with one tit as she played with her other one.

“You can’t see me playing with my nipple, can you?” she asked.

“Yes, I can!” I said as I pushed way up inside her pussy and paused. “And it’s an incredibly sexy sight to see you playing with your tits.”

I was on my side, facing my sexy wife’s open legs as she lay on her back. I was looking under one leg as I thrust into her love tunnel, and I actually had a clear view of her free hand pinching and pulling on her nipple. I had ahold of her other nipple, and my fingers were doing the same thing.

In spite of this totally erotic experience we were having, my multiple health issues intervened, and I became somewhat softer. But, no worries; we have a solution for that! I slid out and up by her left side and attached my mouth to her lovely left breast.

Melody continued to buzz her clit as I sucked, licked, and tongue-flicked her nip. Of course, I scooped out more of her pussy juice concoction and rubbed it on her nipples. I also pumped my rod back to full power.

My wife saw my revived erection. Loving on her tits is always erection-empowering for me. (Plus, she obviously enjoys the stimulation as well.) She said again, “If you can, you should… so go back inside me!”

So I slid back into her now even wetter pussy that was lubed up with the coconut oil and flavored lube—but now with lots more of her natural juices. Yes, it felt beyond wonderful!

This time my erection only strengthened as I thrust deep into her love-cave. I thrust my big cock into her fast and wild but without hitting our pelvises together. It was sublime, and I eventually erupted in an intense orgasm.

Melody said, “Oooooo! I LIKE getting my present in my pussy!”

I slid up to her right side, and before I could scoop some of our now completed protein shake, SHE reached down and scooped out some from her now leaking pussy and spread it on her tit for me. This was new. She’d never done this for me. It turned me on immensely, and I went to work in her boob ‘n nipple. My free hand played with her opposite titty.

I paused to say, “I love the taste of our mixed love juices with flavored lube. Mmmmm! CHERRY lemonade pussy-mixed protein shake!” Then I leaned up, and we shared tasty kisses of our mixed love juices! Melody has to be really aroused to enjoy a cummy kiss, so this was a good sign!

We soon returned to my lips on her nips with vibe on clit. But Melody is still in recovery from back surgery that she had a few months ago, and she has her other multiple health issues. So even though she was majorly turned on, she wasn’t getting to the top of her peak. After a while of us trying for her orgasm, she gave up and said she’d give me my second one. I agreed but was praying silently that she would yet have a nice orgasm that would not hurt her back.

She led me back up to MY peak by titillating my nipples with her tongue and lips as she caressed my gonads. My second big O was very intense too.  My cum sprayed all over both of us. 

You’d think we were done, but I wanted to give Heavenly Father another chance to say yes to my request. Besides, I knew that her lips and tongue on my man-nips drives Melody as wild as my lips and tongue on her lady-nips drives me wild. (It’s a reciprocal nipple fetish, I guess.) But before my hand went to her treasure cave, SHE again scooped more of our dick-and-pussy-mixed shake out to rub on her nipples. Then, I dove into her nearest nipple with abandon. One of my hands was twisting and pinching her far nipple.

Melody’s face took on “the look,” and I knew she had it bad! Like many times before, I asked myself how a woman in her early 70s can look like a horny and beautiful young bride!

She cupped the side of her breast to push her tit up deeper in my mouth, then resumed vibrating her clitoris. Making me cum while she sucked and lip-flicked my man nips had jumped her higher up Mt. O, and my aggressive sucking and pinching of her tits pushed her to her peak. She gasped out in her husky turned-on sex voice, “I’m cumming!”

Her body tensed up, and her back arched. She shook like she was experiencing her own personal earthquake!

As she descended from her seismically active peak, Melody emitted several long pleasurable sighs. She showed no signs of pain, but I still asked. And she said that it had been really nice with NO pain!

My prayer had been answered with what could be described as an arousing YES! My sexy bride had cum pain-free in a marvelous earthquake of sexual pleasure! Praise the Lord!!!

This has become something of a sex session pattern lately. The pattern is this: foreplay with lots of boob-play; I fill her pussy in lustful lovemaking; more of my lips on her nips, then her lips on my nips to my second orgasm; then my nips again on her nips to help her climb to her big O.

As we cuddled I confided to Melody that I had been praying for her. It came as no surprise that she was also praying for me. Father in Heaven does care that married couples are treating each other well, and he cares that we are sharing and enjoying our married erotic lives with our spouse!

So, yes! You can pray about your sex life and for your spouse and even for yourself. Plus you can even say silent prayers in your heart during your lovemaking sessions with your spouse!

My dear MH friends, we have only shared a small portion of our actual health problems, but honestly, when I write about current lovemaking sessions, you should know that it really is a miracle that we are yet alive in mortality and that we are blessed to still have an amazing sex life together! In fact, the other miracle is it feels like it’s only getting better, with us now having some of the best sex of our marriage! God is good!

By the way, we always say a prayer of gratitude for the fulfilling lovemaking session afterward. After all, marital sex is a gift from our Heavenly Father to His married children. We do this even when things don’t work out for Melody to reach her peak, but that is pretty rare.  We always strive to be grateful to God for what we have!

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