Hot Talk Excerpts

In a prior post, I talked about enjoying “dirty” talk, especially coming from a guy.  Personally, I call it “hot” talk, since in marriage it is not a dirty thing.  I do not like porn but will watch videos of average couples making love or single people masturbating.  However, in most of the videos out there that focus on dirty talk, everyone uses the same terms.  There’s no variety.  It’s all F-words and S-words and dick and pussy.

I love words (no surprise, seeing that I’m an author) and I love eloquence.  Now, I would probably start laughing if my future husband was trying to seduce me and began talking like Shakespeare, but I think there are ways of talking “hot” that are a little more tasteful as well as arousing.

I keep a lookout for erotic exchanges in books, movies, and shows, and want to start cataloging them, mainly so I can use them someday while making love with my man, and maybe teach him if he’s not into it already.  Most of the media I consume is pre-60s, so pretty clean.  But I’ve read pulp romances from the 50s and 60s, which are steamy, and sexy novels from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, mostly “millionaire arranged marriage” themed, and they can get really raw.  It’s helpful for me as I collect things for my stockpile of seduction for marriage someday.

Here are some examples of what I would like to say or hear my husband say while we are intimate with each other.  Some are inspired by various sources (books, movies, shows).

“I want to feel your lips on mine.”

“Are you dreaming about my hands on your body, touching you in all the places that no one has ever seen, filling you with myself until you scream for mercy?”

“Your sweat, your smell… I want it all over me and all over the bed.”

“I can’t believe how wild you were last night.  I want to come inside you again, to feel you tighten around me, to thrust deep and move slowly, to flood you with my love.”

“Make me forget everything except your strong, hard body possessing me.”

“I love how you writhe and moan when my mouth and tongue bring you to climax.  And I know how wonderful you feel when I’m inside you.  You’re slippery and wet and so hot.”

“Make love to me until I wash your cock in my juices.”

“Having you inside me is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt.  Let’s never stop this.”

“Claim me, baby.  Mark me with your sweet hot cum.”


So, what are some of YOUR ideas of things to say or that you want your future spouse to say during sex?  And what are some things you married MHers already say while making love to your spouse?

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