The Auction (L)

Some time ago, our pastor had tapped my wife and me to lead a sex positive group for married couples at our church. He had counseled us through our journey and believed that our story and what we had learned could help others. We had been hesitant at first, but he’d finally convinced us. Now, we were five months and ten couples into it. Things were going really well. We’d had dinners and outings and the couples in the group seemed to be growing closer and resolving some of their sexual issues.

Then winter came, and the dreariness that sometimes accompanies the season set in. My wife and I were trying to figure out what to do when my cock came up with a deliciously enticing thought.

“What about an auction?”

My wife was dumbfounded. “A what now?”

An auction. The wives or husbands come up one at a time, and the bidding ensues.

“Honey! We can’t have the group bidding on each others’ spouses! Are you insane!?”

‘No, no, no… Not like that. Let me explain.”

I told her we would have to decide if the wives or the husbands were to be auctioned. Anyone could bid to drive up the price, but only their spouse could “win” them. We would cap the bidding amount, and the proceeds would fund a mission supported by the church.

She still wasn’t convinced. “But what would they win? I mean, they’re going home with each other anyway.”

“Let’s make it spicy.”

“Spicy? How?”

My cock went on to explain my steamy plan. We would place a bowl on a table. It would contain slips of paper with a sexy option the “auctioned” spouse would have to perform. Once the gavel dropped, and they were declared “Sold,” they would have to reveal to the group what was on the slip.

Her hesitance turned to intrigue. “Hmmm…That might be kinda hot.” My cock agreed.

We presented the sexy plan to the group and received overwhelming support. The group discussed options for what could be placed on the slips of paper to be chosen. (That was fun.) We decided the vote for each final option had to be unanimous. It took a week or two, and lots of texting between the ladies, but we finally had our choices:

1. Personal plaything for a day

2. Spend 24 hours nude

3. Have sex in an interesting place

4. Reveal and fulfill a fantasy

It was agreed that the task or act had to be completed within the 24 hours following the auction. We set a date for the Friday night after New Years.

Our meeting prior to that was brimming with excitement, but we still had to choose who was to be auctioned, so we decided to take a secret ballot. We passed the hat, and my wife and I counted in front of the group. After double checking, my wife and I looked at each other, and I smirked.

“Announce it, baby.”

She swallowed. Still looking at me she said, “Wives 13, husbands 9.”

Murmurings and gasps filled the room. There was a lot winking and playful chiding between the husbands and wives. I got everyone’s attention and called for a final approval of the vote. All hands went up. It was set: the wives would be auctioned.

I went over the final details. Everyone would meet in the fellowship hall at 5:30 Friday night. The attire would be dressy and we would cater dinner, effectively turning this auction into a full banquet.

We spent the week preparing, and Friday finally came. My wife was visibly nervous, if somewhat excited, as I had been playfully teasing her all week.

We got there first and made sure everything was ready. When the others arrived, we enjoyed a nice dinner, music, and even some dancing. There was no denying the tension in the air when I stood at the podium and everyone took their seats.

“Welcome, everyone. It’s time for the first annual Merryville Baptist Church spousal auction. If I could have the ladies form a line to my left please.”  I really hammed it up as, one by one, the ladies were sold to their husbands, and each one revealed their fate to the room.

My wife was last, and the pastor took over for me as auctioneer. My wife drew her slip from the bowl and even twirled as she took her spot. The bidding ticked up before I finally called out my final price, and the pastor slammed the gavel. Sold.

My wife’s hands were visibly shaking as she opened her slip. Her eyes bulged, and I even thought I heard her murmur, “Shit.” The pastor nudged her, and she held up the paper.  “Personal plaything for a day.”

Cheers went up, and I couldn’t hide my grin as I escorted her back to our table. This was going to be fun. She’d picked the one I was hoping for because my cock had devised a plan that would get us three out of four on the list.

I was all smiles as I went back to the podium and reminded everyone that the commitment had to be fulfilled within 24 hours. Checking my watch, I declared that the time officially began at 9:00pm – 15 minutes from now. The cleanup was turned over to the caterers, and each couple made their way out.

Phase One:

We were the last to leave. Finally in the truck, I decided to start things right away.

“Oh darling, would you please check the time?”

“It’s 9:01 pm… sir.”

“Delightful! But it seems that we’re just a bit behind schedule. Would you mind stripping from the waist up?”

She briefly gave me the I’m going to get you for this look but quickly resigned herself to her fate. My cock morphed into a steel rod as she removed her blazer, blouse, and bra before reattaching her seatbelt.

I was playing this to the hilt. “Be a dear and play with your breasts. Oh, and be sure to suck those pretty nipples for me.”

She gave me another look, but she complied. I began driving and stole quick glances as she fondled her tits and began rolling and pinching her nipples. Her breath had changed, and her moans started to betray her arousal.

She lifted one tit to her mouth and my cock twitched when that rosy nipple disappeared between her lips. Precum seeped into my pants and it was all I could do to keep from breaking traffic laws as she fondled and sucked her milky globes.

I ever so briefly closed my eyes and etched the scene into my mind. My sweet, demure wife was sitting topless in the front seat. Her lips and nips were glossy with saliva, and it was the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen.

We finally pulled into the garage. I told her to wait. With a mouth full of tit, she could only nod. I stepped into the warmth and went to her side. For a few moments, I just watched her erotic show through the glass. Part of it, no doubt, was for my benefit, but working her tits for 20 minutes or so had her undeniably heated—so much so that the glass had started to steam over.

Phase Two:

I opened the door and told her to finish stripping. She released the lip lock she had on her tit and said, “Yes sir.” In a way that only women can make flirty, she slipped her feet from her shoes. Then she lay back in the seat and wiggled out of her skirt, leaving her wearing only wet panties and translucent black thigh highs. She rolled one down each leg before daintily slipping them off her pretty painted toes. Then she lifted her ass slightly, slowly lowered the wet pink lace panties, and dangled the flimsy material on one foot before playfully flicking them at me.

I pulled a purple phallus * from my jacket and slid it into her pussy, then carefully stuffed the panties into her mouth.

Phase Three:

We had a heated patio, and while it didn’t quite check my “outside” box, we’d never had sex there, and it was on my list.

“Now, dear, please make your way to the patio, and don’t let that dildo fall out.”

It’s hard to describe the sound she made, but it was a mixture of pleasure and protest. She wiggled and moaned until her bare feet touched the concrete. Then, with one hand holding in the dildo and the other stretched out to keep her balance, she wiggle-walked through the house. When she got to the patio, I had her stretch out on one of the heavily cushioned lounge chairs.

“Now, make yourself cum.”

Her hands got busy as one worked the phallus and the other her breast. As she masturbated, I stripped and lightly stroked my cock. The panties were muffling her sounds, and I just couldn’t have that, so I slid them over my cock and kept stroking.

She placed her feet on the floor while she worked the phallus, so I sat on the end of the lounger and watched. There’s something sensually erotic about watching your wife work a fake dick in and out of her pussy. She was getting really animated, and I knew she was close. Soon, her knees slammed shut and her words became a jumble of expletives.

“Shiiiiit! Fuck! Oh my God, Oh my God!”

She started to come down from her orgasm, but we were both still in a sexual haze. I wanted to prolong this just a bit, so I told her to clean off the dildo.

She said, “Yes, sir,” and the sight of her tongue wrapped around that purple schlong almost made me cum. I had a vise grip on my throbbing dick. She was making me crazy, and I wanted her—now! I helped her up and dragged the cushions to the floor.

“Hands and knees, baby. Face the outside.”

She did, and I sank into her pussy. Velvety warmth enveloped me, and my head fell back at the pleasure. She moaned too, and for the next several minutes, there was no pretense, no words of affirmation and love netween us; we simply fucked. We were in private, but our nearness to the outdoors and the crystal clear view of the night sky made it feel primitive and carnal. Husband and wife, two people, one flesh, we each sought our release in the bodies of each other.

Hers came first, and it was beautiful. She moaned, thrashed and, raising to her knees, threw herself back against my chest. I put my arm around her tits and my release came. I had originally thought I wanted to cum on her, but no force on earth could have pried my dick from her pussy. My cum erupted and she held my ass cheeks as I pumped it into her.

Temporarily spent, we arranged ourselves into a sexy snuggle on the cushions. Her head was on my chest, and she was drawing lazy circles on my stomach when she looked up smiling.

“Well, looks like somebody got a two-for-one deal.”

‘Three for one, baby. You’re staying naked.”

Her laughter warmed me all over. “You sly dog.” Rising to one elbow, she said, “I tell you what: send me to the spa, and you can make it a grand slam.”

The tables had turned. My cock grew long and thick as she whispered her naughty fantasy.

“Oh my. You bad, bad girl.”

She covered her face, giggled, then said, “I’ll do it, but you have to catch me first.”

She then jumped up and took off at a run. I couldn’t help but laugh. Cat and mouse, we conducted our dance; the pursuer and the pursued. Me wanting to catch and her wanting to be caught, we each got our wish. Much, much later, and exhausted, we lay in each other’s arms whispering our love. Our night was a success! We could only hope the same for the others in the auction.

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