My girlfriend loves my morning wood!

As soon as I open my eyes, my girlfriend, Scarlett, is all over me. My pretty little brunette is usually very playful in the morning. She likes kissing and touching me, teasing me with her perfect body. Nothing really bothers her when she’s in the mood for some touching. She’s just a freak for morning wood. She touches me softly and feels up my dick. Not a second passes and my dick is in her mouth. I love my girl. One of the reasons I love her is that she gives the best blowjobs. She gags and slurps on my cock. I’m not even sure if I’m awake or dreaming. That’s how good she is. Later, we go have a shower together. Scarlett is still horny, but we dont’t fuck just yet. I help her with the soap. Rubbing her backside is my specialty. My little babe likes it when I make sure every inch of her is clean. Even her sweet asshole. This arouses her very much. We make good use of the seat we have in our shower. I finger her until she’s very close. I’m not about to make her cum yet. When I make her wait for it, she follows me around the house with her pussy flaunting it to me. Finally, we go outside and play some games. She’s in a red bikini I just love to pull to the side. She stands above me teasing me with her heavenly ass for a few seconds. She loves being my little backyard bitch. We both lie down, and fuck in the glorious cowgirl position. I look at my hands on her big tits, my fingers squeezing her nipples. I feel her pussy contract and my cock is seared by gush after gush from her cunt. She reverses, rides me from the back and says she wants me to fill her up. I’m a good boy. I do as I’m told. What a way to start a day, right?






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