My neighbor is a famous pornstar!

Being a pornstar has its ups and downs. The pay is nice, and you get to have fun while working, but you have to be careful when showing your face outside. Karen finally saved up enough for a luxury house in a rich neighborhood. It seemed that everything fell into place. That is before she met her next-door neighbor’s son. The family was nice, but the kid was a spoiled loser brat. He watched a lot of porn and instantly recognized her. Since their first meeting, Johnny has been trying to “charm” her. He didn’t know the first thing about women and kept showing up in costumes he saw in porn movies. One day he was her long lost stepbrother, the other a pizza guy. He even snuck in a couple of times and stuck his dick inside her. Then the little pervert came up with another ridiculous idea to get his dick sucked. Apparently, a snake bit it, and she needed to suck out the poison! The bimbo took off his pants and started to jerk him off. He thought he made it, he was ready to cum in her mouth, when she suddenly stopped. Karen wanted to know the real reason why he was so obsessed with her, and he admitted he was a virgin. The porn slut loved nothing more than taking a boy’s first time. Moreover she needed him to stop, one way or another. She thought that maybe if she fucks him, he’d leave her alone.


Swiftly popping out of her revealing clothes, she pressed her big boobs into Johnny’s face. He was in heaven, motorboating his favorite pair of breasts. She even sucked him and kissed them and licked her meaty boobs. Seeing how eager he was, Karen told him to eat her out. The boy was a virgin, but he gave it his best effort and made her feel good. He could barely breathe under her fat ass but still had the time of his life. She went back to “suck the poison” out, giving him one of her signature sloppy blowjobs. Johnny was greedy and kept pulling out to fuck her tits, covering them in spit. Once she was nice and wet, she pushed him onto his back and climbed on top. He didn’t need to do any work. The busty naked pornstar skillfully moved her hips and butt. His mind went blank as the woman of his dreams rode him. Just as she thought he’d passed out from the excitement and got off, he stood up. Johnny grabbed her from behind and pulled her onto the couch with him. Gripping her tightly, he furiously pounded away at her pussy. The bimbo couldn’t believe it, a virgin ten minutes ago, and now he was about to make her cum! She loved the beast she’d created, letting him choke her and do whatever he wanted. He kept pounding into her cunt balls deep, making her cum countless times. Johnny didn’t go back home until the next morning.






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