Night at the Movies

Tonight, I’m perusing another entry in my journal.  It’s been nearly two years since we last went to the movie theater, the entry I’m reading now.  He was in a frisky, horny mood and just wanted to stay home and have sex.  I was feeling naughty, and I made him take me to the movies.  We found our seats,  but as the lights went down and many seats were still empty, I got him to sit where we were closer to other couples.

I snuggled up to him, and as he wrapped his arm over my shoulder, his fingers grazed the bare upper swell of my breasts and lightly rubbed.  I love the way he touches me and how his touches make me feel.  This was a very soft, sensual feeling. There was a tingling building between my legs as he slid his fingers down into my dress.

He leaned down and whispered, “You should have worn a bra,” as his fingers pinched and pulled my very large hard nipple.

Squirming in my seat, I could feel my juices leaking out, wetting my thighs.  I held his hand clutched to my breast to stop his movement, and I placed my other hand on his thigh, squeezing it as the movie started.  He moaned, and I looked to see that I squeezed his big, hard cock  arranged down his pant leg! I smiled and released his hand to let it resume playing with my nipples as I softly ran my hand up and down his jeans and cock.

He moved his arm from my shoulder, gave me a smirk, and took my sweater to lay over his lap.  He reached under, and our eyes locked as he lifted his hips.

I saw the sweater tent up, and I gaped at him.

Taking my hand, he pulled it under the sweater and squeezed it around his big hard cock.  I shook and squirmed more as his hand went to my bare thigh and slowly slid up under my dress. Pushing my thighs open, he made me gasp, drawing a little attention to us.

My mind was in a fog.  We have been sexual in public before, but not to this degree.  It was such a turn-on to slowly stroke his big cock, knowing there were people in our row who would figure out what we were doing if they looked.

I bit my lip and moaned again when his finger pressed against my hot and very wet pussy.  He wiggled it into me, leaning into me and whispering, “Wider, open wider.”  I did as I was told, and he quickly shoved another finger in my pussy as deep as he could. He pulled them both against the front wall of my pussy, pressing and rubbing my sweet spot hard.  I put my hand over my mouth while my body shook, and my pussy pulsed around his fingers, its juices gushing out.

When my orgasm subsided, I grabbed his hand and slowly pulled his fingers out of me.  His cock began pulsing, so I squeezed and stroked him a couple more times. Meanwhile, I pulled his fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. He groaned softly as his cock jumped, and I felt his hot cum running all over my hand.  I also noticed some ladies further down our row looking and smiling.  My husband quickly stuffed his cock in his pants, and we stood and ran out the back exit so his cum soaked pants would not be seen.

As we walked quickly to the car, he stopped me in the alley and pressed me hard against the wall. His hand was on my chest, holding me against the bricks, as his other hand lifted my dress.  He again pushed two fingers into my pussy.

“Who knew marrying the biggest virgin in school would turn her into the biggest slut as well as my wife.  God has indeed blessed me.”

I was shaking and my legs wobbled as he fingered me hard and fast. My eyes fluttered, but I watched as he knelt down and took in a deep breath of my erotic, sexual scent. Then he softly kissed and licked my thighs and up through my pussy, eliciting a deep moan.  He kept up the tounging until an orgasm overtook me, and my juices flowed like a river into his open mouth as he licked me and drank it all down.  He had to grab my hips and stand up to keep me from falling.

I was dizzy and felt amazing as he spun me around. Taking my hands and pressing them against the brick wall, he pressed his big hard cock into my tight pussy.  I cried out as he stretched my pussy open and filled me completely.  Every time he entered me felt like the first time.  He was pounding me so hard and deep. Being “used” by him isn’t a negative thing in my mind; it gives me the same pleasure it does him.

Eventually, he groaned, and his cock pulsed as it shot his cum deep into my pussy. Our combined juices overflowed down my legs as I shook once again. His hands still gripped me, and he pressed me against the wall. When he pulled out of me, a large gush of our cum poured out. I turned and smiled to see his big hard cock dripping cum.

I quickly fell to my knees in the dirty alley and slid his softening cock fully into my mouth and down my throat.  He gripped my head and started face-fucking me hard and fast. I sucked him hard each time he slid out of my throat, maintaining his erection through my efforts.  I loved feeling like an insatiable slut who can’t get enough of my man and his cock.

We heard clapping from inside the theater, but he kept on pumping his cock into my face and down my throat.  Moments later, he stopped and tensed up as his cock pulsed in my throat once more. I swallowed, feeling his cum sliding down my throat.  Then I pulled him out and licked him clean.

He pulled me up just as the others walked out of the movie.  We kissed passionately and walked to the car.

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