Toy Shopping II (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and involves anal penetration (A). It’s also put in the Kink category.

(Part two, continued. Read Toy Shopping, posted April 19th for more context, though not entirely necessary).

A couple of days after we placed our order, the tracking information was emailed to me. We never pay for express shipping, so we had to wait an excruciating seven days until our package arrived. (First-world problems, I know.) I think I was more obsessed over it than she was, although we tend to have a fairly matched libido. It was now Friday, and I had just come home from work.

The idea of exploring anal consumed my mind, and not just anal for her, but also for myself! Thought after thought, image after image, of being dominated blazed through my imagination. Ever since she fingered my asshole, I had been craving more. I wanted more of her fingers up my asshole. I wanted her to lick around my asshole. I even wanted to feel a fat cock up my ass. I wanted to feel it slide in and out and stretch me beyond my limits. I wanted to take it in my mouth, and gag on it—to be ruthlessly face-fucked.

Wait… what am I thinking?! Where is this taking me? What should boundaries look like? Is this too much? Am I bi or something? No, I’m not bi or anything… I’m not thinking about getting fucked by a man but by my wife.

My dick began to grow in my pants as I pictured my wife, naked with a strap-on, walking into the bedroom, her cock swaying back and forth. I’d take it in my mouth, gently licking, then salivating, lubing it up for my virgin asshole to be taken by her.

I began stroking myself through my jeans at the thought. I was horny but on a totally different level. Flexing my cock, I rubbed myself harder. The fabric from my boxers had me pulsate as I rigorously rubbed myself to a sloppy orgasm inside my pants. I sat there for a minute in my warm, sticky cum. Suddenly, post-nut clarity set in. I smiled at what just happened, yet was still processing my thoughts, now sober, having had my release.

A couple of hours later, my wife came home from work. I was cleaned up, in my right mind, and already had dinner ready for us, since I get home earlier than her. With an exhale of relief from the stresses of the work week, she took off her shoes and placed her bag on the floor next to them. A radiant smile came over her face as she saw me. She smelled what I made for dinner, then gave me a tight, prolonged, “I’ll-never-let-go” hug.

Over dinner, we talked about the day and that our package would come in a week. With a grin, I told her I got so worked up over the thought of it that I masturbated, fully clothed, and came in my pants. She was amused and slightly aroused. But I didn’t tell her what I’d been thinking about; I didn’t know how I felt about it just yet. For some reason, I felt the need to hide it, but I’m not sure why. Looking back now, it wasn’t honest; it was deceitful because I didn’t tell her the whole story. There was a sense of shame on my part because of that.

We continued our relaxing evening with no real plans. We simply watched a movie with no impulse for more. Sometimes that’s the best.

Thursday, for us, is a day designated for fasting of some kind. There are many ways and many reasons to fast, and we believe it’s expected and beneficial in more than one way. I had 10g of a whey protein smoothie throughout the day; nothing else. I only mention this, not trying to seem self-righteous, but because it was impeccable timing because our package was scheduled to arrive the next day. What’s it matter, you ask? Put two and two together: Fasting, plus an enema, she would be extra clean for an evening of anal play. Ironically, so would I.

Friday at work was rough. Not in the sense that my job was difficult, but the minutes seemed to drag on forever. It didn’t help that I checked the package en route at least five times. The tracking info read, “Delivery Expected by Friday, 5 pm.”

At work, I texted her some seductive messages, and a photo of me in a bathroom stall with my dick half hard, telling her how excited I was for later. She replied with a mirror selfie from the women’s bathroom with her top down and breasts exposed! Risky, I thought. What if someone had walked in on her doing that? Would another woman text her husband with a similar selfie? How long would the cycle of desire continue? Who knows? All of these what-if’s got me more aroused and made it nearly impossible to think about anything else, but at last my day came to an end at 2:30 pm. I clocked out and hurried home.

Upon walking into the foyer of our apartment, to my surprise, I found a discreet package with my name on it! It arrived sooner than anticipated. My heart began racing at this point. I grabbed the box, shook it like a child on Christmas morning, as if that would do anything, and headed the two flights up to our apartment.

I opened the box to see our toys. Behold, the gorgeous, realistic, seven-inch penis * grabbed my attention. The blood flow to my cock now circulating, I took it out of the package and grabbed it with both hands. I studied it with intrigue as I got harder and harder. Then I dropped my bag, got undressed, and continued to caress the toy in my hand.

Naturally, I curiously began sucking on the head of it, wondering if I’d be any good at a real blowjob. Given the flexibility of the silicon, I was easily able to deepthroat it. I continued to suck it deep until I was salivating and drooling all over it. The drool was dripping from the fake cock onto my own, which lubed it up as I stroked myself. My wife wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours, so I walked to the bathroom and stuck the suction cup end of the dildo onto the tile floor. I wasn’t sure whether or not I could really take the whole thing up my ass, but I definitely knew I wanted to try.

Given the partial fast the day before, I was fairly confident there wouldn’t be any unwanted mess. To be cautious, I filled the enema with lukewarm water and shot it up my colon to give myself a quick clean.

Feeling clean and ready, I found my cock regaining its girth and standing attentive. I grabbed the long hallway mirror from off the wall and put it in front of me so I could see myself get fucked, as this was a totally new chapter in my sex life. I grabbed the anal lube from the box and applied some to me and the dildo. In full view of the mirror, I slowly lowered my hole to the tip, relaxed, and began slowly sliding down it.

There was some pain at first, but I allowed myself to be open and took an inch or two at first before rocking my body back and forth more intensely. Once I fully accepted the cock, I went lower, and lower, and lower, until my bare ass cheeks were sitting on the cool tile floor. I leaned my pelvis forward so I could hit my P-spot as I bounced up and down on it. I felt slight shame that I was simply being turned on my fucking myself in front of the mirror, but quickly accepted it as a new form of self-care.

My hard-on was going limp, which was odd because I was felt like I was on the verge of cumming. I relaxed my muscles and let my dick flop up and down, hitting my stomach as I fucked the cock. As I did that, I loved what I saw, and felt like I needed to pee. My penis began to dribble with semen, dripping on the floor below and onto my stomach as I bounced up and down. This was euphoric and numbing, something I never experienced before but grew to love.

I spit on my hand and began pulling on my almost flaccid cock. The energy of an orgasm came on quickly, and I let myself have it. Before I knew it, I was groaning and squirting torrents of cum all over! I could not believe I literally came, and I wasn’t even that erect! My body shivered and quaked for a minute. I felt numb in a good way. In a rush of heated adrenaline, I wiped the splashes of cum off of my stomach with my fingers and took my own juices into my mouth. It wasn’t quite as thick as cum usually is, which is why I tasted it. It was more runny and sweet.

I stood up and gathered myself. ‘That was fucking intense,” I thought. “I wonder if I can go again?’

Once again, I lowered myself onto the dildo and began fucking it like a seasoned veteran. I was getting worked up again and felt the numbing tingle in my prostate. Then I heard a voice from behind.

“What the fuck?!” My wife looked at me startled and practically speechless. I was practically speechless.

“I… uh… the package came and…,” I stammered. Trying to divert the conversation, I asked “You’re home early?”

“Yeah, I see the package came. Are you fucking my dildo?” she asked as a slight smile of curiosity came across her face.

Obviously, I’m fucking your dildo, I thought. “Yeah,” I said shamefully. My face turned red. I wasn’t sure what she’d do, or how she’d think and feel about this. “When you shoved your finger up my ass last week, I couldn’t stop thinking about taking things to the next level. I’m sorry, I should’ve told you.”

Compassionately and full of understanding, she replied, “We could have talked about it… I mean, you could have told me. What I want most in our relationship is transparency; you know that. If we don’t talk, we could end up doing God-knows-what.”

I did know that, but often I convinced myself otherwise. “I came so much just now,” I told her with a bashful smile and a chuckle.

“No kidding, hahaha, I see,” she playfully engaged. “Well, keep going if you like it so much,” she said as her countenance relaxed. “I wanna watch you fuck yourself.”

Turning, I faced her as she stood in the bathroom doorway. I lowered myself down onto her cock and slowly rocked back and forth. My cock was getting hard with her watching me get fucked. Every time I bounced up, my dick slapped my stomach.

“That’s hot,” she let out under her breath. “That’s really hot; I love it. I love watching you get fucked.” Her saying this only made me harder and more passionately take it. I am an exhibitionist of sorts.

“Hold on,” she said. I slowed down and sat on the floor as my asshole engulfed the dildo. “Get up. Come here. Bring the dildo with you.”

I obediently followed her orders as she led me to the bedroom.

“On the fucking bed. Lay on your back and show me your asshole,” she demanded more sternly this time. I lay back in a missionary position and spread my asshole with my hands. She leaned over and spit in my gape.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed with shock. “That’s good!”

She accumulated more saliva and hovered over my gaped asshole. Out of her mouth came a long string of spit spilling into me. I gasped.

“Ohh, you like that? You’re my little fucking whore.”

“Oh fuck, yeah, I’m your whore,” I replied.

She took the dildo and pressed the suction cup end against her, mimicking having a real cock. My eyes fixed on the sight of my wife’s beautiful member.

“Wanna get fucked?” she asked.

“Ahh, yesss, fuck me.”

“Is this what you were thinking about earlier? Your wife fucking you with her big cock?”

“Shhiit, yesss.”

“Ask me again—and be polite,” she demanded.

“Please fuck my asshole,” I replied.

She lined up her cock with my open asshole and spit one more long strand of saliva downward, coating the tip of her cock and my ass before she shoved it in. Slowly, she rocked in and out gently and with ease. It felt odd to find ourselves in switched roles, but very attractive. She passionately made love to my virgin ass as I relaxed and put my feet on her shoulders. After a bit, she grabbed hold of my semi-erect penis and began massaging the head with her thumb as she gripped my girth. The penetration plus the head edging was just what I needed.

‘Ohhh fuckkk, that’s good. Stroke down further. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum soon.” I gasped.

“Yeah, baby, cum for me. I wanna see you shoot your load all over yourself.”

“Ohh fuckkk, I’m cummminnnggg. Fuuucckkk mee.”

She began focusing on my cock more. Soon, my balls began erupting with rope after rope of hot cum all over her hand and my chest.

“That’s a gooood boyyy. Haha, that’s gooood,” she crooned, matching my enthusiasm.

My legs began shaking uncontrollably with each wave; my body reaching the height of pure bliss. She began to slow down, finally pulling the dildo out of me. Drops of warm lube oozed out of my ass onto the bed. I lay back, legs down, head in the clouds as I look up at my wife who had just fucked me into oblivion. The hand she jerked me off with was full of cum. She licked it off and bent over me to drool it into my mouth and onto my face.

“Eat your cum,” she said seductively. Honestly, I had it in my mouth and slowly let it volcano out, only swallowing some. “Mmm,” she reacted.

“So…” she said, “my turn?”

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