Dirty stepmom teaches her stepson about girls and sex

Ryan and her stepson have a very close-knit relationship. This is why she’s very surprised when her boy is rude to her as he walks in from school. Something clearly upset him. The minute he starts talking, she knows what the problem is. She remembers that he told her about how much he likes his little girlfriend. The way he’s nervous when he talks about it convinces her it’s about sex. The boy cums too fast. The stepmother can’t help but laugh. However, it’s not in a mocking way, but because she’s glad her boy is growing up. The guy is full of insecurities, so his mommy tries to calm him down. She tells him to whip it out so that she can tell him there’s nothing wrong with it. The minute he takes it out, the stepmom forgets her motherly duties and just freezes. It’s one of the finest cocks she’s ever seen. The boy doesn’t mind when she grabs the opportunity and puts it in her mouth. Not a minute passes, and he has her big tits in his face and her pussy in his lap. She puts her hand on his cock and his head touches her entrance. The head of his cock is between her wet meaty labia, touching her big hard clit. She slams her big bubble ass down, impaling herself on his young teenage cock rapidly. Mommy bounces on her stepson’s dick like crazy. As he pulls out, he sees that his cock is covered in his stepmom’s juices. He laps it all up from her pussy, like a good little boy. This drives the busty MILF wild, and she straddles him and rides him in cowgirl until they are both sore. They switch positions again, and he fucks her from the back. Ryan sucks his dick like a maniac in between every pose. Finally, he pulls out, makes his naked stepmom turn and face him, and splatters her face with cum. With a stepmom like this, who needs some bimbo girlfriend?






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