Family Summer Vacation – PART 3

There’s nothing worse than being dragged along to a family vacation with your parents. Being stuck in an RV with them and your annoying stepsister makes a guy want to scream. After a long drive, they decided to stop at a motel and stay the night. Max and his dad went to get them rooms, but there were none available. While Dad and the manager were arguing, Max explored the place. Meanwhile, his stepmom and stepsister gossiped about him, and Mom was shocked he never had a girlfriend. His sister explained that he wasn’t ugly or stupid, just a bit of a romantic. Mom would have none of that. The boy needed to get some pussy as soon as possible. She went out to look for him. While wandering around, Max spotted a sexy black girl through a window and fell in love at first sight. Without thinking twice, he let himself inside the apartment and looked for her. He heard the shower and hoped to get a look, but instead bumped into her. His bold approach must have had an effect on her as the tanned cutie went in for a kiss. She shoved her tongue into his mouth, leading him to the shower. There, she pulled his shorts down and started to suck his dick. The black girl was slobbering all over his penis and his balls, squeezing her nipples with both hands and moaning in his cock in her mouth. Mom saw an open door and decided to go in. She caught Max with his pants down and some skank, giving him a blowjob. She was proud but wanted to mess with him a bit. Mom turned on the shower, got the couple wet, and led them to the bedroom. She was going to fuck him herself, but this was even better. She decided to use the girl to educate her virgin stepson. She took out the girl’s petite tits and massaged them while talking dirty to Max. He couldn’t believe his eyes. If he was going to have a girlfriend, he needed to know how to pleasure her.


She then yanked off the maid’s pants and ate her pussy. Before he could say anything, Mom pulled his head in to show him how to do it. The brown-skinned girl didn’t mind. A mother knows best, after all. The girl rubbed her cute ass on his face, emphasizing her dominance over him. His tongue was sliding the length of her brown ass crack. The MILF also thought the girl’s blowjob technique was bad and wanted to show her something too. Max was rock hard, so Mom had plenty to suck on. He never thought he’d have sex with his stepmom, but his new love encouraged him. The two naked girls licked up and down his shaft and sucked on his balls. Not long after, Mom spread his new girlfriend’s legs and told him to lose his virginity to her. She moaned softly as he pushed his dick inside. He went slowly and gently. The girl loved it, but Mom wasn’t happy with this lovey-dovey sex. She pushed her stepson back and mounted him. She told him to fuck her hard and fast, and Max did so. She rode him so hard and her pussy began to squirt! They went on for a while and even got the room after. Is there anything like vacation? Seeing new people, sucking them off. Fucking in new places. When Cherie married into a new family, she realized that her dream honeymoon was actually just a typical summer vacation. A road trip in an old RV, no less… Well, with her shy virgin stepson and her hot curvy stepdaughter, this trio found a way to make the most of a possibly boring experience! Finding curvy cuties and hard cocks along the way is what counts – it’s all about the sloppy, intense, drooling fucking journey, not the destination! Right?






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