Homecumming: Part 3

This is the third and final chapter in our “Homecumming” series, all of which took place in one night. You can read part one here and part two here.

Following our wet and wild rendezvous in the pool, my wife and I continue to flirt and tease as we towel off. After tossing our sopping wet swimsuits into the laundry room, I pause for a moment, relishing the sight of her breathtaking body. It’s dark in the house; most of the lights are off. The pale moonlight filtering through the windows casts a soft glow upon her skin, accentuating the gentle curves and contours of her figure.

She reaches for my hand and leads me through the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The quietness of the house is amplified by the soft steps of her bare feet against the floor, barely making a sound as she moves. Each movement is deliberate as she glides through the rooms, revealing a sense of confidence and self-assurance. She knows where she’s going and what she wants. She leads me into the den and takes a seat in my high-back executive chair as though it were her throne. She slides forward, sitting on the very edge of the bonded-leather seat, then spreads her legs wide, giving me a clear view of her warm, wanting pussy. Silky smooth from a recent shaving, her vagina glistens with wetness. The soft, supple folds of her vulva beckon me to my knees.

I kneel down and crawl forward until her creamy cunt is mere centimeters from my mouth. The smell of her sweet, succulent juices makes my mouth water. I savor her scent for a moment, then take a long lick, lapping up her moisture as she breathes deeply, running her fingers through my hair. I go right to work, ravenously devouring her clitoris and occasionally thrusting my tongue in and out of her vaginal opening.

She arches her back until her shoulders press into the high back of the chair. Then she cups her own breasts tightly, pinching and pulling her taut, rosy nipples between her fingers. Her rich, creamy essence fills my mouth and runs down my chin as my tongue circles her inner lips, and I moan with delight as I relish the decadent flavor. Totally immersed in the euphoric pleasure she’s receiving, she whimpers, “Yes! Yes! Oh, Yes!”

Knowing she’s on the cusp of an orgasm, I rapidly and repeatedly flick her clit with my tongue. Her thighs tremble, and she grasps the armrests of the chair as unrestrained pleasure washes over her. Her wetness coats my face and her flavor fills my mouth as she cums uncontrollably.

After half a minute or more of ecstasy, her orgasm finally wanes. She looks down at me. Our eyes entwine. A symphony of satisfaction and longing dances in her eyes, inviting me to explore the depths of her desire.

“How do you want me?” she asks.

“On the stairs,” I reply eagerly. I hold out my hand to help her to her feet; her legs are still a bit wobbly.

As she rises, she leans in close, mingling her breath with my own. She smells the exquisite aroma of her juices on my face and a euphoric sigh escapes her lips. She gracefully pivots, her silhouette gliding towards the stairway. An erotic aura lingers in her wake. She glances over her shoulder, an invitation to follow her, then seductively ascends the staircase. With sensual grace, she positions herself on her knees. The dim light caresses the contours of her incredible curves as she arches her back and lifts her ass invitingly. I longingly follow right behind her.

Kneeling down on the steps, I position myself to take her from behind. She reaches between her legs, grabs hold of my throbbing cock, and guides it into her still-wanting pussy. The sensation of entering her is exquisite. I glide my hand over the small of her back, grazing her silky skin. My wife looks over her shoulder, her soft brown eyes ensnaring my attention as I sink further into her and grab hold of her hips, pulling her firmly against me.

She exhales and moans with pleasure. “Oh, baby. Fuck me,” she whimpers. Then she rocks back, pressing her marvelous ass against my crotch, my dick penetrating deeper into her. I thrust hard, slamming against her fleshy bottom, and she cries out, “Oh, yes!”

I thrust harder, filling her cavernous cunt with my long, hard cock, and feel her body shake with pleasure as yet another orgasm overtakes her. Her head tosses back, draping her dark brown hair over her sexy shoulders. She grinds backwards, and I grunt deeply. I slam into her, slapping against her voluptuous ass. Finally, I feel the cum welling up inside me, ready to burst. As I grunt loudly, she senses that I’m about to explode.

Suddenly, she stops. “Wait,” she commands. Then she quickly explains, “I want to see you shoot your load all over me.” She gracefully pulls away and rolls onto her back with her legs spread wide. One hand finds her throbbing clit, and she begins finger-fucking herself in front of me. Her other hand clutches her breast, squeezing and caressing herself.

I seize my cock and stroke it, swift and strong. I’m already on the edge. It only takes a few more fast pumps. Suddenly, intense pleasure overwhelms me as my cock erupts. Streams of warm, white cum splash all over her tits and tummy. I lurch forward, catching myself with my free hand, while continuing to milk every drop of cum from my cock.

Pushed over the edge by the sensation of being covered in my cum, she climaxes one last time. Together, we lose ourselves in the rapture of orgasmic bliss.

Finally finished, a euphoric sense of peace and contentment washes over us. We laugh and smile, totally enthralled with each other and overjoyed by my beautiful bride’s newfound sexual appetite.

This was a night of unforgettable, unbridled passion and the start of a season of sexual revival and renewal in our marriage. I will always be eternally grateful for this “home-cumming.”

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