My Secret

Our journey as husband and wife had undergone something of a renaissance. We were closer and more connected than we had ever been. The level of intimacy we shared was something of a dream come true. I truly felt that we were honoring God by our newfound connection.

We were sitting in bed; she was reading an MH story, and I was reading a book by C.S. Lewis.

She nudged me, “Babe, have you ever thought about this?”

My eyes drifted over to the story and I have no doubt that my expression betrayed my thoughts. I could see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye, but she waited. It was a long minute or two before I could meet her gaze. I found nothing but love in her eyes.

“Yes, I’ve thought about that.”

She waited for me to continue and my eyes drifted back to the story. She went to the home page, searched, found another story, and said, “What about this?”

“Yes, I’ve thought about that, too.”

“Why haven’t you told me?” Her voice sounded hurt.

I could understand. She had withheld nothing from me, especially lately. I finally looked at her and only found softness and care. Gut wrenching.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Talk to me.”

I shared with her my thoughts, fears, worries, and insecurities, holding back nothing. I had never felt more vulnerable. She looked away, as if gathering her thoughts.

Finally, she spoke, “It doesn’t mean you’re not manly.” (Shit.)

“It doesn’t mean you’re effeminate.” (Christ. Don’t say it.)

“And it doesn’t mean that you’re submissive.” (She said it.)

I looked away, but she straddled my lap, gently placed her hands on my face and made me look at her. She was thoughtful for a moment before she spoke again.

“Do you believe God made any mistakes?”


“Do you believe His design of the human body is perfect?”


“Both male and female?”


“Then don’t you think He made a way for us to experience His creation in a way that honors Him?”

“Yes.” Her next words floored me.

“It’s me. I’m that way for you.” (Shit.) I tried to look away again.

“I won’t betray you”, she said. “Do you trust me? I won’t hurt you.”


“Then let me love you this way.” (Double shit.) Her hands and lips caressed my face. Wordlessly, she stripped out of her shirt and panties, turned, and placed herself on her hands and knees in front of me, then she put her face on the mattress. She wasn’t just offering sex, she was offering herself. Damn. I eased behind her, and the tears started flowing. I plunged into her and with every stroke, I released a little bit more of myself.

When I came, the dam broke and I was full on crying. She rolled out from the under me, placed my head on her breast, and hummed a soothing tune until I spoke.

“Okay,” I raised to my elbow and said it. “I trust you with this.”

Her smile warmed my insides, and we made ready to sleep. I realized that I had never fully trusted her until this moment. The next morning, her head was on my chest and her hand was lightly stroking my cock. When she realized I was awake, she kissed me.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“How are you feeling?”


“Good. We have the house to ourselves today.”

I knew what she was saying. Deep breath … “Okay.”

“Let me run to town. I’ll be back soon.

”I’ll be nervously pacing the house.” Infectious laughter.

“Eat something, shave. We’ll shower together when I get back.” Another kiss.

“As you wish.”

She returned a little while later with a few bags in her hand. Kisses.

“Lay that thick blanket on the bed, please. I need to get some things ready.” Deep breath.


Task complete, she walked in with a little box. It was something one might make use of on a Summer’s Eve.

“Use this, then get in the shower. I’ll join you soon.”

Holy shit. My nerves were at an all time high. She joined me in the shower and we washed one another. It wasn’t sexual, per se, but it was intimate. We toweled off, and she told me to lay on my back, face up. I did. She draped herself across me. She held my gaze for a minute, then drug her tits to my mouth. I bathed each one before she pulled back.

“Are you ready?” Deep sigh.

“Say it, baby.”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Raise your knees and open your legs.” I did.

She unwrapped something from a kitchen towel. I didn’t have to ask what it was. I’d seen them. She applied some lube to it, put another dollop in her hand, and prepared my puckered hole. Holy shit. Her fingers were gentle as she probed around, making sure I was thoroughly ready. It felt really good. I told her. She smiled.

“Here we go” Okay.

She inserted the tiny rod and flipped its switch. Damn. I could not be still, and my dick was rock hard. She placed one hand on it while she stroked the toy in my ass with the other. Her breasts swayed and jiggled with each movement. Her bottom lip was between her teeth, and a look of fierce determination was on her face. The pleasure was intense.

A thought seemed to occur to her, and she swung her knees across my chest, pushed her pussy back to my mouth, and enveloped my cock between her sweet lips. Sensory overload. I lapped greedily at her pussy, but the sensation of her mouth on my dick and the toy thrusting and vibrating in my ass was too much. I tapped her on her ass to warn her and she stroked the toy faster.

Fuuuuuuck! The orgasm seemed to start in my ass and work it’s way through every inch of my dick before erupting in her mouth. Wow. I had never felt anything like that before. She slowed the thrusting, but didn’t stop. I was begging and cussing at this point. Boom. Again. Mother-$&@…She slowed the toy to a stop, switched it off, and after a few more loving licks, let me fall out of her mouth. I had no idea that type of pleasure existed for a man. My ass and dick were both still tingling as she slid up beside me. She was smiling. I pulled her in for a kiss, tasting myself in her mouth.

“Well mister?” Just wow.

“Do you still feel manly?”


“Do you feel effeminate?”

“Not at all.”

“Do you feel submissive?” She was checking all the boxes.

“No, I don’t.”

“See, I told you. I’m here to do this, to be this for you.”

“I’m convinced.”

“Good, I have one more surprise.”

“Shit, you mean…”

“Yes, baby. But only if you want me to.”

Her smile faded and the softness returned to her eyes. Telling her no would mean I didn’t fully trust her. It would mean what we just shared wasn’t real. It would mean going back, but if we went back, we would lose something. I had shared the truth with her. If I didn’t follow through, it would mean a seed of doubt would be planted between us. A seed of doubt that would stand between all the intimacy that we had worked so hard to create. No, I wasn’t willing to go back.

“I’m in baby. I trust you with this.”

She practically squealed with delight.

“Let’s freshen up a bit.”

She led me back to the shower where we kissed and fondled more than we cleaned, but it didn’t matter. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, talking and laughing about the most regular things. We cleaned up and, still naked, watched an episode or two of our favorite show.

She looked up at me and said, “I won’t push you.”

“I know. I’m ready.”

Another squeal. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. She walked in after me carrying a little bag. I sat on the edge of the bed strangely calm. The door opened and I really wasn’t prepared for what I saw. She was only wearing a sheepish smile and … a strap-on. The harness fit her rather well. In the center was a pink, phallus shaped dildo about six inches long. Other than the general shape, it didn’t look like a dick. It was smooth, almost cylinder-like, slightly bigger on the end.

She looked down at it, then up at me. “Well, what do you think?” Ummm. “It’s got a part that goes in me too.”

“So you’ll feel it?”


I didn’t really know what to say. So I stood up, walked over to her, and kissed her with all the love that I felt for her.

“I trust you baby.”

Then I turned, got into the center of the bed on my knees, and placed my face on the blanket. The bed shifted with her weight. I heard the lube bottle click open, then felt her fingers preparing my recently popped cherry. Her hands were on my ass. Then one of them moved, and the tip of the pink phallus touched my bum hole. Her breath was shaky. She was nervous too.

“Go slow baby.”

She did. Ever so slowly, she eased it all the way in.

When I felt the harness on my cheeks, she said, “How do you feel?”

“I’m full, but good.”

I felt her draw it slowly out, then push back in again. She did this a few times, as much to get used to it herself as to prepare me.

“More lube, baby.”

The bottle clicked again and I felt the cold liquid. Because I both wanted to reassure her and also to see what this truly felt like, I looked over my shoulder and told her to start. Her breath was still ragged and her hand was shaking on my ass. I reached back and held her hand.

“Baby. It’s okay. It’s okay. Fuck me.

“Holy shit.” I felt her move.

She pulled almost all the way out, then back in again.

“It’s okay baby. Faster.”

“Oh my God! Oh my God, I’m fucking you! I’m really fucking you! Holy shit!”

“Holy shit!”

I let her hand go, and she reached and grabbed both my hips.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck your man.”


With that, she really hit her stride. The harness and her hips were slamming into me. It was exquisite. It was not just the phallus that was stimulating my prostate in a way I didn’t know possible. The feeling of giving myself to her was indescribable. The pleasure started in my ass and radiated out through my dick. This made my dick rock hard and drooling all over my legs.

I just relaxed and gave in. I was giving her my body and my trust. It wasn’t any of the things I feared, it was just pleasure. The sounds my wife was making were of pleasure too. The part in her was doing the trick, and the phallus in my ass was too. I was building. Holy shit, I was building. She kept pounding and I rose up and fell over the edge. I felt my ass clench on the phallus and I rose up to my hands.

“Ah!, Ah!, Ah! Shiiiiiiiiit!”

Boom. Cum erupted from my dick with a force that propelled it to my chin.


I came three or four times before falling back to the mattress. Then I heard her cum. She slammed into me and held it there while she shrieked and squealed expletives. Spent, she laid down on my back, breathing heavily. Our breathing synced and we slowly came back to earth. She eased the phallus out of me. I turned over and she crawled up and collapsed on my chest. We were one in a way we had never before experienced, and we both knew it.

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