See Me With Your Hands

For the first time, they were alone together.  It was a December night in 1942.  Had Ridge not lost his sight during a firefight against the Japanese while in the South Pacific, he’d be out there now, still part of the war.  Perhaps, in a rough sort of way, his blindness was a blessing.  Because instead of fighting, here he was in a cabin in wintry Colorado on his wedding night, with Briar.

When he lost his eyes, he figured love was never to be for him.  He wore a patch over the eye that had been most damaged, not wishing to alarm people with its sad scarring.  The other still bore an appearance of normality, but the nerve had been so traumatized that it no longer served a purpose.  Women couldn’t find him attractive, he thought.  Even if they thought him rather intriguing because of the eyepatch, they would recoil from him whenever things got comfortable enough for him to remove it.

Then he had met Briar.

So sweet in voice and demeanor, she resembled nothing of what her name implied.  Always she spoke with a strong softness that captivated Ridge from the beginning.  And she was neither awkward nor brusque in her manner towards his injury.  She could sympathize without pitying, and encourage without sounding heartless.  As the weeks went by, he fell for her more deeply and fully.  He called up the courage to tell her, though he knew there was a chance she could refuse him.  She didn’t.

Now their lives were entwined as husband and wife, on the cusp of doing and feeling and experiencing everything together.  Briar kept seeking his face with her eyes, loving the look of him more and more with that striking patch.  For his part, Ridge was a little uptight, knowing that at some point tonight that patch would come off.

The two stood still for a few moments once they entered the honeymoon cabin and set down the luggage.  From the bedroom came the sounds of a crackling fire.  Everything from décor to furniture bespoke coziness.

“It’s such a pretty place!” Briar exclaimed, gazing about as she took off her coat.  Ridge did the same.

“Nice and warm after that bite outside,” he grinned.

Briar strode around, examining.  “A kitchen, breakfast nook, this lovely living area… now let’s look at our room.”  She took his hand and pulled him along.

“How does it look?” he asked.

“Beautiful,” she murmured.  “Everything we could ask for… our first night together.”

Ridge turned to her, seeing nothing, but feeling her presence and her gaze.  He knew she was looking up at him.  “I know what’s more beautiful, even if I’ve never seen it,” he said, smiling slightly.

“What?” she asked.


She came close and kissed his cheek.  “I don’t care what anyone in this world thinks of me, except you.  If I’m beautiful to you, then that’s what matters.”

“Oh, Briar, I want to see you so bad!” he broke out.

“Ridge, you can!” she rejoined, a tender earnestness in her voice.  “Your hands.  Those are your eyes now.  See me with your hands,” and she caught them with her own and drew them to her face.

Very slowly and attentively, he traced her features with his fingertips, starting from her hairline and pausing at her jaw.  He had done this many times during their courtship, but it was always new.

“So gentle and sweet and lovely.  I can feel it all just with my fingers,” he said quietly.  Then he caught her close to him, kissing her hair and cheeks.  “I love you, darling.  I love you for saying yes to me.  Me.  A one-eyed lout who isn’t worthy of you.”

Briar backed away and laid her hand firmly over his mouth.  She knew he spoke half-jokingly, but it broke her heart just the same.

“Don’t say that ever again, Ridge Anderson.  I fell in love with you partly because of your blindness.  Call me silly, but I think you’re even more attractive with this eyepatch,” and Briar pulled his head down so she could kiss it.

The caress brought tears to his other eye.  “I thank God for you.  What a woman you are! Briar… I want you.  Right now.  Can we…”

“Yes, we can,” she answered simply, joyfully.

First, though, she brought their bags into the bedroom.  He was untying his tie while he carefully walked around the room, memorizing the layout.  Briar watched for a second, then removed her sweater.  Underneath was her traveling suit.  It was warm and comfortable but hardly sensual.  She wanted to change.  But her eyes were on Ridge.  Something about his loosened collar and tie lured her.

Gracefully she swayed over to him.  “Darling, you don’t know how sexy you are,” she declared.

“Me? I can’t swallow that,” he rejoined, though he admitted to himself that the words definitely aroused him.

“You’d be even more sexy without a shirt.  I’ve never seen you shirtless before… let’s remedy that,” and she playfully began slipping the buttons of his shirt from the buttonholes.

He let her do it.  There was something very erotic in having her undress him.

“Can I reciprocate?” he asked.

“In a minute.  I want to go first,” she answered coyly.  Once his shirt was off, she helped pull off his undershirt, and there he stood, bare-chested and very much a hunk of a man.  She brought her lips close and kissed the middle of his chest.  Ridge breathed in.

Then her hands were at his belt, unfastening his trouser button.  He was getting hot and excited.  He reached for her face and planted his lips on hers.

“I’ve been dying to do that,” he confessed once they parted.  “Once at the end of the ceremony wasn’t enough for me.”

“Me, neither,” she chuckled.  “Oh, I want to do so much with you.  But we can take our time.  We have all the time God has meted out for us.”  She drew down his trousers, and he kicked his shoes off so he could step out of them.  Then she tugged on his shorts.

“This is the first time a girl took my clothes off,” he said, trying to speak humorously.

“Do you like it?” she returned with that tantalizing sultriness.

“I’m, uh, not sure.”  It did feel peculiar, standing there without a stitch on, knowing a girl’s eyes were all over him.

“Let me assure you of one thing: you are deathly handsome,” she averred.  “Back up, won’t you? The bed’s right behind you.”

He obeyed and sat down while she followed, placing herself on his thighs.

“One more thing,” she whispered, touching his eyepatch.

“Darling, you don’t have to…” he started, not sure if he was ready for that.

Briar sensed his uncertainty.  “Ridge, I love you.  Do you believe that?”

His forehead smoothed, and his head bent a little in assent.

In one deft movement, she had removed the black patch, revealing for the first time his burned eye socket.  It touched her so deeply—that, and the tautness of his jaw muscles as he awaited her reaction—that she at once drew his face close and kissed the scars again and again.

“Baby,” Ridge said weakly.  His voice was unsteady.

“I love you, all of you, and this part of you the most,” she whispered.  Her lips were gentle, sweet on his face.

“I love you,” he returned brokenly.

Now that this hurdle had been crossed, she was ready for the next step.  “Undress me, Ridge.  And then touch me.  Feel all of me.”

He hardly needed the invitation; his hands were already straying into her clothes.  Knowing he was naked and she was so close to him had raised his desire to a high pitch.

“I’d be honored,” he said in a low tone.

She placed his hands on her chest, intimating that he should unbutton the blouse.  He began, feeling his way along.  Tossing aside the blouse, he followed with her bra.  Gently he laid his palms over her breasts.

“Wonderful,” he blurted.

She smiled, basking in his touch.  “Keep going,” she encouraged.

His hands slid downward to the waist of her skirt, which he pushed down to her hips.  She stood so he could remove it completely.  Before he continued, he pulled her close and kissed her soft, slim belly, then traveled up to nuzzle her breasts.  Briar couldn’t help whimpering.  The feeling was so sweet and personal, unlike any touch she’d ever received from another human being.  He kissed up her neck, then pulled her head down to find her mouth.  Their lips and tongues joined in a hungry dance.

Briar finished removing her underwear and laid down on the bed, clasping Ridge’s hand.  He followed, stretching out beside her.  They kissed a long time, hands wandering over each other’s bodies, little murmurs and moans escaping their throats.  The low light from the lamp and the fireplace covered them in a warm glow.

“My darling Ridge,” Briar said softly, welcoming his mouth on her neck.  Leisurely she rubbed her palms up and down his back.

“My beautiful Briar,” he responded, his voice a bit muffled due to his face being buried in her hair.

“I can’t believe we’re here! Married, on our honeymoon,” she exclaimed with a satisfied sigh.

“I’ve been absolutely aching for this night,” he admitted with a rather abashed grin.  “Briar, are you sure, one hundred percent sure, that you’re happy? That you won’t regret picking me as your husband?” His empty gaze was fixed on the place he knew her face must be.

For answer, she raised herself to crush her lips passionately against his.  “Yes, I’m sure,” she answered breathlessly once she let him go.

The kiss and the words kicked out all his doubts.  With masterful determination, he took her face between his hands and kissed her again, at the same time prodding her thighs apart with his knee.  Briar settled herself more comfortably in the pillows and continued to touch and caress her husband’s body.

“Can I… touch your… you know…” she began, suddenly a bit shy.

“My cock? Yes, I want you to,” he assented eagerly.  He turned onto his side.  Briar took the plunge and gently wrapped her hand around his manhood.  The pulsing heat of it shocked her.  It was so primal, burning and throbbing because he wanted her.

The second he felt her fingers on his sensitive flesh, he quivered.  Never before had any hand but his made contact with that part of him.  And for the first time, he rejoiced in his blindness, because now his other senses were so much more acute, especially that of touch.  Briar’s every movement was stark and satisfying, flooding his whole body with delight.

“Do you mind if I touch you too?” he asked tentatively.

She just took his hand and guided him to the apex of her thighs, allowing him to take it from there.  He concentrated on the feel of rough pubic hair, then warm folds of flesh, and at last her feminine spring, already streaming with aroused wetness.  His fingers were slow, thoughtful, exploratory.  This was no time to rush.  He wanted to memorize and treasure every delicious second.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she breathed, as he rubbed around her entrance.

Encouraged, he kept on, at length daring to penetrate her with his finger.  She sucked air in, and her grip on his cock tightened.

“Easy, baby, don’t squeeze me too hard,” he warned her gently.

“Sorry,” she said with a soft chuckle.

“It’s fine.  Are you all right?”

“Yes.  I like your finger in… oh my…” and she cut off because he suddenly curved his finger and stroked along her textured front wall, putting simmering pressure on her loins.  “Keep doing that, Ridge.”

She didn’t want to hoard all the enjoyment, so she refocused on pleasuring him, fully acquainting herself with this most erotic part of her husband’s body.  Everything—his shaft from base to head, his balls, his trimmed pubic hair—received her attention.  A drip of creamy fluid appeared at the tip, and Briar used that to moisten him and make the caresses smoother.  He groaned.

“I love this, Ridge,” she whispered.

“Baby, you’re making me feel so good,” he praised her, though his tone was a little shaky.

“So are you.  You’re… making me really wet,” she observed, kissing his cheek.

“I want to taste it,” he admitted boldly.

“I was going to say I wanted to put you in my mouth,” she returned, blushing, but also glad to speak freely.

“I’d love it.”

He moved so that his head was lying by her knees.  Thus his cock was near her face and his lips close to her vulva.  She began by lightly licking him, which made him breathe out hard through his nose.  For a minute, he just basked in the feel of her lips and tongue making love to his penis.  It made him weak, in a relaxing way.  Then he brought his face near to her warm center and carefully licked.

Briar squirmed.  She hadn’t been sure she wanted to partake in oral lovemaking.  To touch one’s mouth to another’s private parts… it seemed almost dirty.  But now, in the liberating beauty of marriage, the act—both of giving and receiving—only made her feel closer to Ridge, more entwined with him.  As he swiped with his tongue and nibbled at her juicy creases, her body warmed and thrilled and tensed and relaxed by turns.

They took their time, tasting each other thoroughly, basking in each moment.  But Ridge felt himself getting closer to the point of no return, and he wanted to release himself inside his bride more than anything.  Yet he wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible and hopefully bring her to climax.  He took his mouth away from her cleft and returned to lie beside her.  To his delight, she kissed his lips, shining with her nectar.

“Mmm, I taste myself on you,” she remarked, then her eyes went big.  “That sounds so naughty!”

“I like it.  You can be naughty with me,” he declared with a smile.  “Baby, I love you.  I want you all the way.”

“I want it too, Ridge.”  She pulled him onto her.  “Let’s do it.”

“But I want you to enjoy it,” he remonstrated.

“You’ve been warming me up very nicely,” she grinned.  He could hear the smile in her voice.  “Please, darling, make me your wife in every sense of the word.”

He couldn’t hold back from that invitation, so he pressed against her body, lovingly grasping her shoulders and kissing her deeply.  His strong body crushed her into the bed.  Subconsciously, Briar ran her foot along his leg.

“I might need you to help,” he confessed.

She blushed.  “All right.”

Her hand joined his on his straining penis, and together they tried to line it up with her entrance.  It wasn’t easy to find, what with the tangle of wet pubic hair, but Briar lifted her hips and flexed those intimate muscles so her opening widened.

“You can push in, baby,” she encouraged.

He thrust forward cautiously, trying to rein in his excitement and focus.  This was all so new, so different from anything he’d ever felt.  He breached her an inch.

“Oh my…” Briar burst out.

“Did I hurt you?” Ridge asked in concern.

“A little.”

“Maybe I should stop.”

“No, darling.”  She gripped his steely upper arm.  “I need you.”  The words were a whisper, a flaming whisper that ignited his blood.

Slowly, with his gentlemanly care, he tried to press into her again.  Briar angled her pelvis differently and pulled him in, her fingers squeezing his butt.  Her natural lubricant helped, and at length, he slid in.

“Aaahh!” Briar couldn’t help gasping.

Ridge, too, let out a sharp groan.  He’d never felt such a tightness around his cock.  It was like a hot, wet, cushioned vice.

“Oh God, that’s… so amazing,” he grunted.  “Baby, are you all right?”

“Yes,” she panted.  “I’ll stretch.  It just takes time.”

“This is wonderful in itself,” he murmured, touching her cheek with a warm hand.  He met her lips with his, and they resumed their tender, hungry kissing.  Not wanting to cause her any more pain than necessary, Ridge kept still.  Briar noted his consideration and whispered, “Thank you for being patient, darling,” in his ear.

In truth, this conjoining was almost enough.  The sensations, as they lay skin to skin, Ridge’s rod encased in Briar’s sweet garden, flooded them with molten pleasure.  Even the scents emanating from their bodies thrilled them.  Sweat, warm breath, and the musk of masculine and feminine nectar mixed and filled them like a drug.

Then, experimentally, Ridge slightly rocked against her.  Briar pulled air in through her open mouth.

“Is it good?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” she rejoined.

Again.  His hips moved.  Her lungs expanded.

“I can’t believe you’re my wife,” he exhaled, his mouth near hers.  “I love you so much, Briar.”

“Oh Ridge, I love you too,” she answered.  Her voice was weak, perhaps because the fullness in her loins was beginning to delight her very much.  Ridge’s slow grinding was building something delicious inside of her.  “Make love to me, baby.”

“Gladly,” and Ridge picked up his pace a little.  They kissed deeply, lustfully.  Briar’s hands rubbed over her husband’s back sensually.

The closeness provided a wonderful friction on Briar’s clitoris.  And Ridge was getting close as his shaft squelched steadily in and out.  The awesome feelings and their long-held excitement erupted in mingled orgasms.  Briar squealed and mewed like a cat, her hips shaking.  She pulled her husband’s head into her neck.  Ridge grunted loudly, his thrusts becoming rather shallow and erratic as his semen spurted through his tingling penis.  Briar felt the creamy flood seep out of her.

“Yes, oh yes, Ridge,” she said breathlessly, loosening her fingers from their clutch of his back.

“Darling,” he murmured, still dazed.

“I never knew it could be so good,” she whispered, wiping the damp sheen from his face.

“You’re wonderful,” he declared, kissing her lips.  “I could make love to you for the rest of my life.”

“Oh yes, I want it too.  Never stop loving me, Ridge.”

“Never.”  He laid his head on her breasts.  They were so full and soft.  He loved it.  “I still wish…”

“What, darling?” Briar stroked his hair absently.

“That I could see you while we make love,” he admitted.  “You sound so beautiful, I know you must look incredible.”

Touched and flattered, Briar smiled a little.  “Oh, I don’t know.  I daresay I looked rather wild.  One isn’t exactly at her most respectable while she’s thrashing about in pleasure.”

“You did jerk around a little,” Ridge chuckled, “but I liked it.”

“I only did because you made me,” she rejoined in a coy tone.  “You were rather active yourself right there at the end.”

“Couldn’t help it.  Being inside of you… whew, it felt so good.  Did you like it, baby?”

She kissed his hair.  “More than anything.  I felt complete for the first time.  All the years I was waiting for the right guy… now I’m with him.”

“I’m honored to be that guy,” Ridge said humbly.  “I pray to God that we’ll have a long time together.  I wish tonight would never end.”

“Well, it is still rather early,” Briar grinned.  “Come lie next to me.  See me with your hands, and let me see you with mine.”

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