The Freedom to Masturbate

In the Apologetic Considerations of Controversial Topics, Bee/Cindy wrote honestly about her and hubby’s sex with her BFF before their salvation experience and her subsequent struggle with missing sex with Jess. She wrote:

Something I now accept is that I can visually admire the feminine frame, but 1) the act of sex with the same sex is what is sinful and 2) any sex outside of marriage is ungodly even if it’s not with another man.

Bee/Cindy then went on to write that she came here to masturbate to hot stories.

Several MHers chimed in with different perspectives and viewpoints on Bee’s/Cindy’s story and journey of struggle. One of the posts from Sarah K caught my attention. She wrote, in part:

I want to applaud you for coming here to find hot stories to masturbate to. That is the positive Christian response a horny girl is to follow.

I agree with Adoniswerewolf and you that girl-girl sex is sinful, and I disagree with those who disagree. I applaud your decision to no longer have threesomes.

As a Christian, I do not see why you could not masturbate together, (sexually touching yourselves, not each other). Sitting side by side with your own hands between your legs reading MH – I don’t see why not. Enjoy.

It’s quite likely (perhaps a certainty!) that most of us have written, read, and reread MH stories for ourselves and/or read MH stories to our spouses and enjoyed the erotic pleasure of jacking or jilling. Many of us share our comments in response to MH stories, and those comments often are so that they cause even more jilling and jacking!

It struck me that Sarah K’s last paragraph is honestly expressing the ‘ok-ness’ of masturbating by being stimulated through the erotic, titillating, tantalizing written word of women and men that cause our bodies to surge with sexual desire to self-pleasure and then to peak with orgasmic ecstasy.

Because we embrace the freedom of jacking and jilling, here’s a repeat of my follow-up question that I posted on that thread for further discussion:

As a Christian, is it okay to jill-jill or jack-jill or jack-jack using an App, FT, or texting while sharing/reading MH stories or engaging in other sexy/erotic dialogue?

Harken back to a post by MH (Missy) on this thread. She thanked and encouraged MHers to continue to engage in discussion with respect, honesty, and civility, even in disagreement. Let’s discuss this question in the spirit of grace.

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