Before they continue practice, she needs to take care of his baseball bat

Nothing beats fucking a sporty girl. They have stamina, their bodies are fit, and they’re always down to get dirty. Inviting the local baseball star to teach him the basics was a genius idea. She showed up in tight booty shorts and a top barely covering her tits. Her nipples would poke out whenever she swung the bat. Guess that’s why so many guys are into women’s baseball. She told him to get closer so she could show him the proper stance. When he did, she felt something poke her in the butt. She loved handling big bats, and he couldn’t focus like that anyway. They went inside to “rest” for a while. He sat on the couch, and she got her hands on his equipment. It was the perfect girth and had a nice length too. She couldn’t wait to feel this monster inside her tight little, but you must warm up before the game. She teased him with her tongue, moving up and down the shaft of his cock. All those hours in the locker room taught her how to take it deep down her throat. With every attempt, she took another inch. Her sexy ass was glistening from the sweat, and her pussy was soaked. It was time to put what he had learned into practice and eat her out. His beard tickled her, so her moans were mixed with giggles. She couldn’t take it any longer. She needed that big pole inside of her. He was pounding into her as her pussy was cumming and squirting on him with each thrust forward. The naked girl started riding him like she was a sex crazed maniac. She was extremely tight from all the physical activity. He blew quickly, but she hadn’t had enough. The baseball girl milked him dry.






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