Confess her feelings to her crush after graduation from high school – PART 1

The best way to make a lame party fun is to have an orgy with your friends! They’ve finally graduated from high school. But before they start their college lives, it’s time to party! The entire class was invited, even though most of them weren’t really friends. Our four heroes all came for one reason or another. Blake, a shy busty girl, wanted to talk with her crush, while the other three just wanted to chill. Sadly, the host was the head bitch, who also happened to be with the guy Blake was in love with. Sparks flew, and things got heated. She had had her first intimate moment with her long-time crush Max. Unfortunately, her eternal bully and rival Em spotted the scene and stood in the way, shaming Blake publicly. After the party fiasco, Blake met up with her best friends to unwind. One of the girls proposed a game of spin-the-bottle to lighten the mood. Being the only guy with three chicks, the nerd was excited. They all took turns spinning, and everyone got to make out with each other. To keep things interesting, they ramped it up with lap dances and groping. The girl in pink suggested they take their their friend’s virginity together. The guy couldn’t believe his luck, three of his best friends were about to fuck him. The girls got out of their dresses and got his pants off. As it usually goes, the dorky guy has a massive donger. The girls were awestruck, and Pinky wasted no time, instantly going for a blowjob. While all of them were close, they never saw each other having sex. The other two girls weren’t very experienced, so Pinky thought to show them a thing or two.


Soon, the girls were taking turns sucking their male friend’s cock, trying to outperform the last. The nerd was in heaven, having a pair of tits to suck on while having his dick blown. Despite being a virgin, he managed to not cum from this amazing service. He was big enough that they could barely deepthroat him. It was time to end the foreplay and have him lose his V-card. Pinky was the horniest and wanted to be his first. The other two girls played with each other, Blake eating her friend’s pussy out. Her very first pussy! Luckily, they closed the door, so nobody could walk in on this orgy. Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity like this, the guy went for the next pussy. Nice and wet from the cunnilingus she got, he was confident enough to pound her hard. Blondie didn’t want to be left out and wanted to be fucked after. She’d forgotten all about her crush. Watching the naked girls fuck got her super horny. She rode his dick like a pro while having her big tits licked by her girlfriends. All three naked girls kept switching, not letting him rest for even a second. While one was getting pounded, the other two would be next to her pussy, ready to catch the dick in their mouths. After almost an hour, he couldn’t hold it any longer. He sprayed all three naked girls with the biggest load. Don’t miss the next episode! Following a steamy afterparty, Blake decides to confront her crush at his home. Sadly, he isn’t there, but his parents are! His mother tells her that she needs to learn how to please Matt before confronting him, so they teache Blake a thing or two about hot sex.






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