Sex museum curator loves servicing a young researcher’s every need

Blonde bombshell Karina works in the local sex museum, and she just loves her job. What she loves most is when young horny guys come over. When Jordi visits, hungry for… knowledge… she helps him find just what he’s looking for, and not just dusty books! She catches a few glances of his here and there, and, if she’s being honest, she kinda likes it. The boy wants to try the positions he sees on the xxx cards. She does him a solid by letting him dryhump her from the back. However, the next postcard shows a guy touching a pair of big breasts. “Do you want to try this too, Jordi?” Karina asks in a shy way. She unbuttons her elegant pink shirt to reveal a pair of big breasts in an ochre corset. Needless to say, the guy is stunned. He grabs those tits and starts playing with her swollen nipples. A minute later and the sexy babe is feeling up the bulge in his pants. The curator lady is down on her knees, exploring his young dick. She makes joking remarks about his dick being the latest museum acquisition, and boy, what a piece it is. It can hardly fit inside her throat. She takes her glasses off so they don’t get in the way of her sucking. The guy slides his cock outside and makes her squeeze him between her tits.


After fucking them for a while, he insists she stands up to give him some pussy between the book isles. He wants to have all the initiative but is so obviously inexperienced. That’s why Karina makes him get behind her and bends over. He enters her pussy from the back, banging her ass against the isle. As he’s fucking her, he takes inspiration from the books that keep falling all over the place. Later the museum curator moves him to an armchair, where she straddles him raw. The beautiful naked woman rides that young cock, slamming herself hard down onto him and squirting all over him. He has his hands on her breasts, playing with her nipples, thrusting in and out of her. Jordi really likes that he finally got the opportunity to try out all the stuff he’s seen in the books. She spoons her, fucks her reverse cowgirl, and even manages to pull off the piledriver position with her ass upside down in the armchair. Sex museum curator enjoys the acrobatic stuff, but what she likes most of all is young hot sperm on her lips. As she’s jumping in the hot seat position, she feels the guy is about to cum. She drops to her knees and jerks him off until he cums. “Would you like another book Jordi?” she mutters while the sperm drips down her face.






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