Bred by My Soulmate

I look forward to a lot of things when I get married.

Okay, first, I’m new here, and I’m still a virgin—waiting till marriage.  When I finally get into a relationship with my man, I look forward to growing together and supporting one another: traveling together, celebrating our wins and learning from our failures, and doing things for and with one another like reviewing books together and studying the Word together. We will encourage each other to grow in God and in what we have set out to do.

I look forward to doing life with my man.

And also doing him.

Yes, I look forward to seducing him—a lot. I’d be a porn star in the sack for my future husband, really connecting with him on a deeper level. My marriage will not be the norm. Boring sex is not my portion.

And that is why…

Before we get married, I plan on going for sex workshops to learn how to ride him, give fellatio, do sexy dancing, twerking, and the rest of it. I would also bring my future husband on board. He’d learn to please me, too. Already, I’ve started reading books written by sex experts. I’m marrying as a virgin—an educated virgin—and I hope to gather experience the right way: through reading books.

Here are my sexual expectations of myself in marriage:

I delight in doing my part and not putting so much expectation on the other party when I should be concerned with giving out my best.

To fulfill my husband in bed, I’ll:

Talk dirty and flirty.

Have no sexual inhibitions whatsoever (except polyamory and those others.)

Wear a sexy negligee to bed.

Take him out on dates.

Kiss him randomly and profusely.

Gift him things occasionally.

Worship the ground he walks on.

Massage him from time to time (back rubs, foot massage, scalp, neck, chest, and everything in between.)

Play with his dick from time to time.

Have him suck and squish my perky but full breasts.

Suck him whenever. I would love to go down on him countless times, as that turns me on.

Give him a prostate massage.

Rim him.

If he is open to it, peg him—though I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that yet.

Touch myself in front of him.

Grind on his cock.

Slow dance on his dick.

Ride him to ecstasy.

Twerk for him.


Simply be his personal slut.

Tell him my sexual fantasies and make him comfortable enough to share his.

Give him space. I would not make him feel caged or like he is walking on eggshells

Encourage him in bed and let him know I’m enjoying what he is doing (by moaning and responding.)

Respect his decisions.

Okay, I said sexual expectations, so I’m just going to stop there. In all, I’m just trying to say I will communicate with my man and let him know my needs. I will open up to him in bed and confidently and shamelessly take what is mine.

People are of the notion that a virgin is usually shy. Well, sex can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable, and sincerely, I’m not sure if I may get shy. But I don’t think I will be shy with someone I’m emotionally connected with. Okay, maybe I could get shy, but not for long. Any embarrassment or shyness should disappear once we are like animals in heat.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with different things with his consent, like sex toys and outdoor sex, having sex on top of a building, and more.

I love you, future husband. Just know that my love for you will be more than what you bargained for. I’ll do for you all that you have been dreaming about and more.

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