Fabulous Fellatio

It went on and on seemingly forever, with my sexy wife plunging her mouth over my happy erection!  But let me tell you all about the great lovemaking session we had this morning…

Today was the day AFTER a holiday.  We had lots of family over the day before on the actual Memorial Day holiday.  Melody is my beautiful and sexy wife.  She is also very kind.  She and I were making breakfast on Memorial Day so there was no time for making love.  We made up for it today!

 Melody and I have a deal where she gives me that amazingly pleasing gift of fellatio on holidays, our anniversary, and birthdays.  She still occasionally will surprise me with an off-schedule blow job.  For us this makes fellatio special and a treat to look forward to for me. 

 In bed this morning, with us both nude, she told me that she didn’t feel like me coming in her mouth today.  I had already decided not to so I told her that I wanted “Fred” to give her her “present” deep in her sweet pussy today.  So the blow job was to be foreplay.  (INCREDIBLE foreplay!)  

 By the way, if you’ve read some of my previous posts then you know that on our honeymoon Melody named my penis “Fred.”  You will also know that when she gave me her virginity and I cream-pied her for the first time… she called my semen her “present.” Now back to our true sex story from today: 

I had charged up our “buffet of love” (vibrators) the night before.  So I handed Melody her mini-wand and she placed it on her pussy right after I coated her clitoris, vulva, and vagina with a mixture of coconut oil and Aloecadabra Mango flavored lube.  My fingers lingered and played with her internal pussy and stroked her clit.  Then we moved on. 

 (BTW, I think the clitoris, vulva, and vagina all make up a woman’s “pussy.” Do you agree?) 

 Melody closed her legs to hold the vibrating head of the wand to her pussy.  We kissed and her tongue was on fire as she stroked my tongue with her tongue.  She also swirled her tongue around mine.  I guessed that this was a hint of what was going to come!  Maybe I should have said, “…a hint of what was going to cum!”  In any case, I guessed correctly!

“That felt great!” I said, referring to her passion-filled kissing.

“I’m good!” was her reply.  And she was about to show me just HOW good she is!

I began the very sexy—and really one of my favorite—parts of lovemaking, the turning of her soft light pink nipples into hard flaming red raspberries!  At least they LOOK like ripe raspberries when her titties are hard. I do this with my hands, fingers, and especially my lips and tongue. 

“That feels good!” my wife said softly, then added after a while, “But it’s MY turn!”  

So I laid down and she slid over so her head was resting on my chest,  She began to lick and suck my closer man nipple and titillate the other with her fingers.  I was pumping my penis to full staff.  It all felt so amazing.  This is how she gives me orgasms on nearly every off day… when we are not having intercourse – Intercourse is every three days usually.

When I was good and hard I stopped pumping my cock because things felt so good and so intense I was about to cum! 

“Why’d you stop?” Melody asked.

“So you can give me a blow job!” I said. 

 Melody stopped the oral nipple loving and she laid on me and rested her head on my chest.  We cuddled in a sweet way but we both still felt the simmering passion for each other.  We talked some but we both were too hot to just talk – and I don’t mean temperature hot. 

So she slid down to move her oral ministrations to an aroused but different part of my body.  She immediately started pumping my cock with her hand, then she engulfed around half of it as her hand kept pumping the base half of my long dick.  She also was erotically bobbing her head.  She also licked and slid her lips along the uber-sensitive underside of my glans.  Then the tongue-swirling around the head of my cock began.

Her oral trick of swirling her tongue around my glans felt heavenly.  So I told her, “I think I’m in Husband Heaven!”

She slid me out of her mouth to say, “Just  don’t go to REAL heaven anytime soon!”  

“Not planning on it!” I laughingly replied.

Then Melody started doing something new.  She began to run her lips then her tongue all over the top of my corona!  It felt like I was being sexually teased to the max. 

After several more minutes, she momentarily paused pumping and blowing my dick.  I grabbed my smartphone and used our private photos app to capture this moment in time.  Then she started to blow me some more.  One photo I took was funny because she had just paused so the camera snapped a close-up of “Fred.” with Melody in the near background.  Because of perspective, my erection looks HUGE in the photo.  I’m well above average down there but the photo made me look like I had a 20-inch cock with a four-inch diameter.  I’m good-sized in the penis department but I’m certainly not THAT big!  

This blow job resumed and still went on and on for a long pleasant time.  I was both amazed and very grateful to her and to Heavenly Father for helping us find each other… and helping us stay together and alive in mortality.  

When Melody finally pulled away and stopped because her back was starting to hurt, I knelt up beside her head and she resumed the oral fun.  I augmented it with gentle thrusts and basically enjoyed face fucking my beautiful, sexy, talented, and kind wife.  

“Beautiful” because she is a gorgeous, ageless, and voluptuous Norwegian beauty to me. “Sexy” because she can be such a vixen in bed. “Talented” because over the years of our around 30-year-long marriage, she has developed her fellatio skills into an absolute art!  “Kind” because she lovingly gives me this gift every month and sometimes two or three times a month!   

After the fun face fucking we assumed the cuissade sex position with her on her back and me on my side with our turned-on bodies at right angles.  She switched to a powerful Sensuelle+ bullet vibe, and I just couldn’t wait.  So I plunged easily deep inside her wet and well-lubed pussy!  I was so turned on I think my erection thought we were young newlyweds again. As always the sensations were delightful.  But especially at the end… right before I came.

By then I was thrusting a combination of deep and shallow strokes.  I could feel the vibrations of her bullet vibrator through her vaginal wall. As I approached orgasm I went shallow because I had discovered that THIS time the vibrations were most intense at Melody’s pussy entrance.  

The first spasm of my orgasm came on and I thrust in deeply.  But I quickly returned to shallow and another orgasm spasm hit.  I again thrust deep up into my wife’s caressing cunt.  (She knows how to use her Kegal muscle to give me that ultimate married sex-hug!) I repeated this shallow-to-deep pattern several times.  This was one of my most intense orgasms this year!  

After I stopped but had not pulled out of her newly creamed pussy I let Melody know what had just happened.  She was proud of herself, I could tell.  She is such and overachiever!

I was totally spent.  I, myself, and struggling with my health too so I had to do this entire sex session with 10 Liters per minute of supplemental oxygen blasting through my nostrils.  That is a LOT of needed oxygen – probably because the sex was so rambunctious.  But I’m not complaining.  But I really could not do any more lovemaking at the time. 

Melody was done too.  She had had fun, so she told me, but on the ongoing up-and-down roller coaster ride of back surgery recovery, she was down today.  When she’s in pain from her back an orgasm makes her hurt worse afterwards.  Please keep praying for her full recovery.  

I asked my wife after we both were getting dressed with me standing and her sitting on the edge of the bed, “Were you using your lips or your tongue on my corona?”

“Yes!” she replied with a wicked sexy smile.

“Well, it felt amazing in a tantalizing teasing sort of way!” I said.  “After 30 years, we are still finding new ways to pleasure each other,” I said.  “That’s pretty cool and YOU are amazing!”  I leaned over and I gave her a kiss on the top of her head.  She really did look proud of herself!  Again, the overachiever.

“The feeling is mutual,” she replied.

“I think that’s one of the longest times you’ve ever given me oral sex,” I said gratefully.  “Thank you!” 

“It was fun!” Melody said with a twinkle in her eye.  “And you’re welcome, Tommy!” She still had the look of accomplishment on her face, appropriately proud of herself for pleasing her husband with such excellent erotic skill and technique.

Melody doesn’t give me oral every sex session, but when she does she excels!  She is a real go-getter.  She was raised in poverty and is a survivor of long-term emotional and sexual abuse as a child.  But she herself through college with a challenging science major.  She sought and got counseling to help her deal with her rough childhood.  She was a pioneer as one of the first women in the branch of science she had studied.  She can’t HELP herself; she has to excel in all that she does.  And I am blessed by that all the time—including being the recipient of her many lovemaking skills, like her exceptional fellatio!

NOTE from a few days later:  By the way, the sex-with-no-orgasm experience has a tendency to start the fire simmering in Melody.  So the next time we made love, she had an epic orgasm! 

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