Her Sister (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and describes anal sex (A).

My wife and her sister have always been close, like two peas in a pod. They’re separated by a year in age, but you wouldn’t know it. All their lives, they’ve been virtually inseparable, sharing everything. They were each other’s maid of honor, had kids similar in age, and even homes within sight of each other … yeah. It’s not a problem, though. My brother-in-law and I have become good friends as well.

Anyway, on this particular Saturday, they were over and we were having the first family pool party of the year. As such, we were all dressed in (more or less) appropriate pool attire. (Their bikinis might have raised an eyebrow if this had been a church function.) My wife and her sister were sipping wine, while the BIL and I were nursing beers as we grilled. The only thing significantly different about today was the slight tension between my wife’s sister and her husband.

My SIL had confided to my wife, and my BIL to me, that they were in bit of a sexual dry spell. My wife told me her sister blamed it on this or that, but there was nothing really wrong. She just hadn’t been interested. We’d offered advice and support, but the dry spell was still lingering. The tension wasn’t overwhelming, but it did slightly dampen the chit-chat.

The girls sauntered over to the grill to check on things,  and we engaged in some light conversation, then the other couple walked away to have a word in private. So after checking to see if the coast was clear, my wife turned and pulled her bottoms aside to reveal a shiny jewel nestled between her cheeks. Jesus.

My cock immediately recognized what it was and wanted a closer look. But my wife quickly fixed her bottoms and turned to face me. With a mischievous look, she retrieved her sister, and they began to set the table.

The dinner conversation was mostly normal, but my cock could think of nothing but my wife’s bejeweled ass. At the first opportunity, I leaned down and asked what she was up to. Her response made sure my cock and I would be sitting at the table for a while.

“You gave me your ass.  I’ve been plotting to give you mine ever since.”

Shit. Wow. Other than some playful external touching and a few swipes with my tongue, I’d never been given that pleasure.

Things naturally wound down, and everyone pitched in for the cleanup. It was movie night for all the kids at her sister’s, so my cock was anticipating its first inspection of her other silky tunnel.

With everyone gone, she said, “I’m grabbing a shower,” winked, and left me to figure out if I was supposed to follow her or not.

Three seconds later, I was naked and headed to join her. My wife attacked my mouth with hers as soon as I stepped in.

Unable to resist, I reached around and toyed with her bejeweled intruder. She gasped and moaned as I teased, then reached between us to stroke my cock. But it seemed her mischievousness was not over. She squeezed my cock playfully and darted, still wet, towards the bathroom door.

Momentarily dazed and three steps behind, I gave chase. I managed to catch her before she made it out of the bedroom. Playfully hauling her to the bed, I thought I had won.

We wrestled a bit before she wound up on top. She slid her wet breasts down my chest and stomach before placing my cock at the back of her throat. Here we go… or so I thought.

Before I could react, she’d slipped off me and was in the hall. I chased after her and heard her bare feet patter into the kitchen. The island stood between us as she laughed and I threatened. She made a dash for sliding door, but there her luck ran out. She was giggling and squirming, but I had her and playfully dumped her on the couch.

“You win, you win! Go get the lube and claim your prize.”

When I returned, she was sitting on her feet, waiting. The gravity of what we were about to do shifted the mood from playful to intimate, and I sat beside her. She turned, sat in my lap, and I asked if she was sure.

“I want to do this. I want you to have me.”

And with that, she moved until her tits were resting on the arm of the couch, and her ass was facing me. I moved behind her and caressed her skin from her ass to her feet and back again.

“I’m taking the plug out now, baby.”

She bent her back down and her cheeks opened up just a little. Carefully and gently, I pulled on the plug. Her breath changed, and she moaned as her sphincter opened up to release it. Once it was out, she was gaping a little, so I clicked the lube bottle open and generously coated her insides. I also coated my dick before placing my hands on her ass again.

“Are you ready, baby?”

“Yes, I’m ready. Please fuck me. Please fuck my ass.”

This was erotic and hot as fuck, but the moment wasn’t lost on me. Having done the same for her, I knew what she was giving me. Running my hands up her back and placing small kisses there, I whispered my love.

She moaned and said, “Please, baby, I’m ready.”

I lined my cock up with her puckered hole and put a tiny bit of pressure there with the tip. She moaned again as the tight ring started to open up. Ever so carefully, I kept pushing until the head was in. She was not being still.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, baby. Go slow. Tell me when you’re all the way in.”

I kept pushing until, inch by inch, my cock made its way into her soft core. She felt exquisite—so tight and smooth. Just knowing where my dick was almost made me cum. When my thighs touched her ass, I stopped.

“I’m in, baby. How are you feeling?”

“So full. I’m so fucking full.”

I eased back out and back in again.

“More lube, baby. More lube.”

I generously reapplied.

“Yeah, that’s it. Now fuck me slow.”

I did. Carefully thrusting, I listened to her moans.

“It’s good, baby. It’s really, really good. More lube, and you can fuck me like you want.”

I applied once more.

“Oh yeah, baby. Your dick feels so fucking good. Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!”

I grabbed her hips and increased my pace.

Flesh was slapping flesh now as the sound of our sex filled the room. She slipped one hand to her pussy and furiously began to rub her clit.

“Oh my God! Don’t hold back!”

I didn’t. We were climbing towards the peak, now both past the point of no return. So close…

The front door slammed opened.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry. I forgot my… *gasp*” Her sister had burst in.

Shit. I couldn’t stop. I had already started to cum.

My wife bucked hard against me. “Fuuuuuuck!” Her ass clenched, and I sank all the way in and held it there while my cock erupted into her ass.

Shit, her sister. I looked up the see her sister gone and the door closed. I collapsed on my wife’s back and wrapped my arms around her belly while we both came down. My wife burst into laughter, and I joined her.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

Yeah, no shit. I eased out of her and sat down. She sat in my lap and we kissed.

“That was more than amazing, baby. Thank you. I love you.” She snuggled into me, and the intimacy was palpable. We had come so far.

As if sensing my thoughts, she smiled. “I love us.”

“Me too, baby. Me too.”

We basked in the moment for as long as we could. She sighed, “I need to call her.”

“I know. Go ahead.”

I headed to the bathroom, then to the kitchen. My wife was laughing on the phone. I grabbed two bottles of water and heard, “It’s not a problem. We’ve had our fun! We’re on our way.”


“We’re taking the kids for ice cream. Their dry spell ends tonight!”

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