Repurposing The Table and Chairs (A)

This post involves anal sex (A).

The flickering light of two candles shone from the bathroom, and the sound of soft splashing tickled my ears. You sat in the warm bath, shaving your legs and relaxing, while I waited anxiously for you in our bedroom. When you finally emerged from the tub and entered our room, the soft glow of our bedside lamp caressed your naked body. You glided gracefully into the room, arching your back ever so slightly to lift your already enticing breasts. Your nipples, a rosy shade of brown, tightened with excitement. I quickly noticed that your legs weren’t the only part of your body you shaved. An aroused sigh parted my lips, and a smile stretched across my face as I gazed at your captivating figure.

“I’m ready for my massage,” * you smiled seductively. You crawled on your hands and knees into position, then lay face-down on the bed.

I stood up and slid my boxers over my obvious erection, dropping them to the floor. I reached for the massage oil on our nightstand and, straddling your thighs, gently applied some to your silky skin. My cock pressed against your ample ass as I massaged your shoulders and neck, so you occasionally clinched your ass, squeezing the tip of my dick between your cheeks. As I kneaded and worked your tired muscles, your body melted in my hands.

When the massage was finished, you whispered to me with a mischievous look in your eye, “I have an idea.”

You took me by the hand, led me into the kitchen, and grabbed two chairs to place them side-by-side. You stepped up, balancing one foot on each chair, putting your freshly shaved pussy almost at my eye level. Pressing one hand to the ceiling to brace yourself, you grabbed my head and pulled me toward your waiting pussy.

I wrapped my arms around your thighs and devoured your feminine fruits. I licked your inner lips from end to end, pausing to suck on your clit, then plunged my tongue into your sweet, juicy pussy. Over and over, I worked my tongue all around and into your luscious vulva as the erotic taste of your juices tantalized my tastebuds. I could have eaten you out all night, but after a couple of orgasms, your legs began trembling. When you couldn’t stand anymore, I took your hand and helped you down.

Brushing aside the odds and ends on the dining table, you started to lie on top of it, but I quickly spun you around and bent you over. Your breasts pressed against the cold wood tabletop, and your ample ass drew a lustful look from my eyes. I slid my fingers around your hips, feeling the curves of your love handles as I admired your beautifully shaped backside.

You shot a glance over your shoulder at me as you gripped the table in anticipation.

My hands tenderly explored your back and shoulders, appreciating the smoothness of your skin, then wrapped around your hips and pulled your bottom to my belly. My long, hard cock rubbed against your dripping wet pussy, causing your sweet nectar to lubricate me. But as I repositioned to thrust into your warm, wet pussy, my dick slipped upward, between your fleshy cheeks. Before I knew it, the slippery tip of my dick penetrated your oil-slicked ass.

You quickly reached back, “Wait, that’s the wrong…”

But your whispered sentence disappeared beneath an avalanche of pleasure. Warm breath parted your lips as you whimpered and moaned in desire as my dick plunged deeper into your ass. Your eyes widened. Your knuckles turned white as you tightly gripped the table. You breathed the words, “Oh, fuck yes.”

Slowly, I thrust my hips back and forth. Your tight ass clenched around my dick, intensifying my pleasure. This was the first time I had fully entered your ass with my cock, and the sensation of my dick deep in your ass exhilarated me. I pumped rhythmically against your cheeks as your tight hole squeezed my cock. I could feel myself about to cum, but wanted to look into your eyes when I climaxed, so I gently pulled out.

Turning on your back, you slid further onto the table. Then you rolled your hips back and lifted your knees toward your breasts to exposed your pussy and open your ass for me. As I eased my dick into your sphincter, your feet pressed against my shoulders and your hand gripped your hair, lifting your chin.

Your other hand found your aching pussy. You plunged a finger into your cunt, pulled it out, and circled your clit. With my dick deep in your ass, you continued fingering your pussy and were swept away by the overwhelming pleasure of double penetration (or something akin to it.) Your eyes rolled back, your lips parted with delight, and your breathing became heavy. Your free hand traced your neck down to your heaving breast, clasping it roughly. You bit your bottom lip to keep from squealing loud enough to wake the neighborhood. Your orgasm hit like roaring ocean waves, rhythmically rising and falling one after another, blending into one long moment of ecstasy.

Witnessing you pleasure yourself so lavishly was like an aphrodisiac to me. My heart raced as your tight anus squeezed my shaft. Tension built in my balls until cum erupted from my aching cock like a venting volcano. I lurched forward, bracing myself against the table, my arms framing your body. Like aftershocks, my dick continued to pulse as small surges of cum oozed into you.

Finally, I collapsed. My chest rested on yours as I melted into you. Your hands rested lightly on my back, and your legs wrapped around me. We both breathed deeply as our heart rates slowed, and we lingered in the sweet embrace of orgasmic bliss.

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