Thank You, Fellow MHers!

I submitted to MH a story of an incredible oral sex and intercourse lovemaking session that we had two days ago. And tonight I have been thinking about how MH boosted our marital lovemaking. I re-read some comments to some of my recent stories, and y’all are so kind!

To be honest, I have not told you just how severe my and Melody’s health issues really are. It would probably freak you out. But we continue to soldier on in God’s love and in our love for each other. And in spite of our pain, low stamina, and disabilities, we somehow STILL find new ways to pleasure each other. We hope our stories can inspire others and give them hope for the future.

We also feel that marital sex has been brushed under the rug by many members of the Christian community. This is unfortunate because we strongly believe (like many of you) that marital sexual intimacy is one of the most glorious experiences in our mortal life. And reading about how other married couples have sex—or reading fictional stories that include married sex—really can enhance your sexual relationship with your spouse.

Although I have mentioned this in recent comments I have made, I wanted to say it in a post: Thank you to my fellow MarriageHeat writers. That includes any of you who make comments. I always read all comments on every post I have read that my fellow MH authors wrote.  And of course, I read the comments to my posts as well.  So many of the stories are awesome, and a lot of the comments are incredibly insightful! And often, we get inspired to try some of those things we read about on MH.

So many stories have given us ideas on things to try. It’s true that every couple is different, so we don’t try EVERYTHING we read about in MH. But we certainly have tried some of them with great success!

I am especially grateful for those of you who have written about role-plays and/or following a script. We have given those a try with AMAZING “sexcess!” (Yes I invented that word.) We have “cum” up with our own role-plays as well.

Several times I have written up a story or script that we’ve read and acted out together, and it has led to quite honestly some of the best sex of our marriage! We have also done role-plays where each of us has a backstory but we have to ad-lib what we say and do. Those have been just as good!

Melody is sometimes reluctant at first, but she always gets WAY into the role-play—even more so than me! She becomes an absolute vixen in bed, on the couch, in the shower, in themed hotel rooms, in the car, etc. If you’ve read my stories then you know about some of those experiences that my Melody and I have shared.

I know that we never would have had some of those unique incredibly erotic and lovingly bonding experiences if I had not been a reader of MarriageHeat! (I also read or tell some of the stories to Melody, and we discuss them.) So a big thank you also goes to Missy and Calvin too for all their hard work in keeping this site up!  Thanks also to the several volunteers who help keep the site going.  That includes volunteer editors and other support people like schedulers.  I, myself, am a volunteer editor once in a while.  I am certainly amazed at the talent that the MH authors have.  Thank you to my fellow authors for their commitment.  It can really take a quite a while to write up a good married sex story.

We find that much of the relationship advice on MH is also very good and useful in our marriage.  And being older, it’s nice to read about other long-term married couples who also have a hot sex life!  You could say that MarriageHeat has spiced up our marriage.

A few years ago, a therapist suggested that I keep a sex journal. And for me, writing about our lovemaking has helped me feel very grateful… as in (to quote Sheryl Crow):

“It’s not having what you want!

It’s wanting what you’ve got!”

I wonder if you other MH readers are like us and appreciate the relationship advice and/or get good sex ideas or feel inspired and hopeful for your future from reading MH stories and comments.  Do you?

And do any of you other MarriageHeat authors feel that writing about sex you have shared with your spouse helps you feel grateful?  It certainly helps me to feel very grateful and blessed.

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