When She Knows What You Need

It has been three days since our last sexual interlude. I get home a bit late and still have a few personal and work things to take care of before heading to bed.  I am really horny, but these things need to get done.

As I work, E transitions from sitting up to lying down on the couch, which is usually a signal that she is tired and will be asleep in a few minutes.  I immediately pipe up, ”I’ll be done in five minutes,”  my way of saying, “I want you.  Stay awake for me.”

I hurry to finish.  Soon we head to the bedroom and get under the covers naked, where we kiss.  The soft touch of her lips feels amazing.  My hands and lips start to devour her neck and ample breast.

In no time, E slides down to give my manhood attention.  Her kisses around the head of my growing cock tantalize me, and my breathing turns anxious from the pleasure.  For about 10 minutes, she erotically makes out with my member—nothing fast or crazy, just sensually raising my excitement level. She slides up and down my shaft, peppering my balls with soft kisses and occasionally taking my throbbing head in her mouth.  The pattern repeats; I feel the tingle begin in my balls and start to squirm.

When I am rock hard and also wet from her saliva, she sits up and starts to slowly stroke me with one hand while she cups and massages my balls with the other.  I am on my back and start to reach for the cock ring * on the bedside table.  I want to fill her up, but she has other plans.  The pace of her massaging hands speeds up, and I stop reaching and lie back to enjoy this pleasure she is offering me.

E uses the thumb of the hand massaging my cock to rub a bead of pre-cum slowly over its head.  The hand around my balls reaches down further, massaging just beneath.  Undoubtedly, she plans to make me cum hard, and it’s a good thing: my three-day buildup can’t last much longer.

Just a few more gentle strokes, and I erupt.  I feel cum landing on my stomach once, then again.  During the next stroke, I can tell her hands are covered and dripping with what she just produced out of me.  Her soft sticky fingers continue to slowly massage and milk out the last spurts of love juice.  She watches with gratification as I lay spent from release.

The slow massaging continues for another couple of minutes as I start to soften and come down from an amazing orgasm. E gives me one last stroke, then moves up for a passionate kiss before proceeding to the bathroom to clean up.

This night, where I almost lost her to sleep, turns out incredibly erotic.  I am so blessed to be married to this woman who serves my physical needs so well.

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