A Somewhat Different Love Letter

Hey, everyone.

This is a story I often thought about sharing here—first, because it was one of the most amazing places my wife and I ever had sex, and second, because I want my wife to know through writing this story how much I love and desire her! For me, she’s the most amazing, beautiful, and sexy wife one could ever imagine So babe, this is for you.

A while ago we went on holiday for a few weeks to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We packed our bags, booked a nice camper van, and headed to the airport. When we arrived in Vancouver, we picked up the van, and off we went. The first few days, we took some nice hikes and enjoyed good food and the amazing scenery British Columbia had to offer. Because we had our van, we could sleep wherever we wanted to. So we did, and ended up in some really breathtaking places which we enjoyed having just to ourselves.

One particular evening, we were checking the map for a quiet place far outside with a river close by. We really needed water and also wanted to have a quick dip because we needed a wash badly after a long day of hiking. We didn’t have to search long before we found a great place with an amazing view of the mountains. After we parked, we climbed a few meters down to the river. If you ask my wife, we almost died climbing down that slope!

Anyway, we survived and finally came to the much needed water source. The water was ice cold but refreshing at the same time. We both struggled a lot getting our heads under water; it always felt like a crazy brain freeze. I was out much quicker than my wife and started to dry myself off. When she came out of the icy cold water, her nipples were hard and she had goosebumps all over her sexy body.

I looked at her, and even though I was still cold, my cock started to stiffen up. With her wet hair, hard nipples, and cute goosebumps, she looked breathtaking and made my heart beat faster. I wanted her!

She then looked at me and smiled. My cock was hard and she was pleasantly surprised. She walked towards me, gave me a very passionate kiss, grabbed my stiff shaft, and gently stroked it. This made me even hornier because I knew she wanted me too.

She stopped for a second, placed her towel on the ground, and kneeled before me. Looking up at me, she smiled again, opened her mouth, and started sucking me. It felt absolutely incredible.

I reached down to caress her beautiful breasts and play with her hard nipples. Nobody was around, so I could moan loudly, and I did!

My wife enjoys sucking my cock so much, and I am so thankful. The feeling of her lips and tongue on my cock is like nothing else—but I appreciate even more that she tells me how much she loves to pleasure me this way.

She kept sucking and stroking my cock faster and faster. It felt so amazing, and I knew she was determined to finish me.

I looked at her so she’d know that I was close. She looked back at me, and I knew it was OK for me to cum. Just seconds later, my body tensed up, and I came in her mouth. It felt just incredible!

She kept sucking me gently and then swallowed my cum. I know that she doesn’t always like doing it, but she does it anyway because she loves me. And I love her for it!

After we both cleaned up and got dressed, my wife said sarcastically, “Nice, now we have to climb up that stupid slope again!” We had a good laugh!

The whole trip with my wife in Canada was a dream come true! A great holiday ended, and day-to-day life got us back, but my wife and I are still going strong, and I pray that we always will!

I love you, and I want everyone to know that!

In love,

Your husband, J

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