Her husband hates condoms, and so does her sister!

Millie has been married for a few months now, and the honeymoon phase is long since over. Both she and her husband are young, but she started to be more responsible. As such, they have started using condoms, which her husband absolutely hates. But hey, it’s either wear a condom or get no pussy at all. Millie’s stepsister Cherie came to stay with them after breaking up with her husband. Not only does he have to wear a condom, but is now getting cockblocked by this girl. One day, the elder sister overheard the two having sex. She stood next to the door, listening to her stepsister’s moans. She noticed that even after cumming, her brother-in-law didn’t look too happy. When she saw a condom carelessly tossed on the floor, she understood why. A bit later, the sexy MILF started to tease him by showing her cunt. She also playfully threw a packet of condoms on the floor and called him over to the kitchen. Cherie spread her legs and waited for him to put it in and fill up her cunt with sperm. In fact Cherie needed that sperm, she had been trying to get pregnant to no avail. Her husband couldn’t make her a baby, maybe her sister’s husband could! Like a man on a mission, he wanted to feel pussy without rubber around his dick again. In just a few pumps, he came inside her! His wife walked in and saw the two, but the first thing she did was suck the cum out of her stepsister’s pussy! Millie didn’t mind having her husband fuck her stepsister and wanted to help her to get pregnant. The girls went to blow him, to get him hard again. He would only be ready to go again if he saw them makeout. After that little event, the naked girls would fuck him day and night, no condoms, and no pills, letting him cum in their pussies and licking the sperm out of each other’s cunts.






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