Clingy girl sucks her guy off when he’s doing dishes

When he asked his new girlfriend Penelope to move in with him, he did not think that they would spend so much time together. The girl is so happy that now she can’t separate from him… literally! Take right now as an example. The guy’s washing the dishes with his cock inside her mouth! Her tongue is all over his cock and his balls. She has her nose buried in his tightly trimmed pubic hair and is working her tongue furiously. He’s still finishing up with the dishes, and she’s gaging away on his cock. Her spit is all over that nice hard cock. The minute he finishes the dishes, he cums in her mouth. He loves her, but he also needs some space for himself and will try to make her understand this, so he puts on a special reward system. His girlfriend is quickly on board with it when she learns how much cock she will get out of it! He tosses her onto the bed and returns the oral favor. He eats that young pussy like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, he takes her in missionary only a few minutes later. The girl is so small and flexible that he easily flips her around and makes her do a 69. The grateful Penelope rides his dick in cowgirl. She straddles that dick like a real cowgirl, first in front and then in reverse. He pumps away at her pussy until he’s ready to cum. The big guy pulls out at the very last moment and sprays his load on Penelope’s pussy and then her mouth. The flexible naked girl was so quick to slam her head onto his dick that he didn’t even get a chance to say no. “What’s for dessert?” Penelope asks with a stupid grin on her face, and he just passes out.






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