Confess her feelings to her crush after graduation from high school – PART 2

After days of practicing in the mirror, Blake finally worked up the courage. She’d knock on her crush’s door and tell him how she felt. Much to her surprise, it was his Mom, naked with a bathrobe loosely around her. The sight of her bare breasts didn’t even shock her, considering how nervous she was. The beautiful half naked woman invited Blake inside and gave it to her straight. Matt already had a girlfriend, and she was better-looking than her. Seeing the tears swell up in Blake’s eyes, Matt’s Mom wanted to help out somehow. While she couldn’t fix her looks, she could teach her how to please a guy. Gently, she took off Blake’s glasses and went in for a kiss. She could tell how inexperienced the girl was, but she learned quickly. Just as Mom reached to pull down her top, Matt’s Dad walked out, also naked. It seems that she isn’t the first potential girlfriend they “tested” for their son, as he instantly knew what was up. She might be a decent kisser, but does she know how to suck cock? If blowing his Dad meant she had a chance with him, she’d do it. Blake closed her eyes and imagined it was Matt’s dick she put in her mouth. The blonde nerd girl was a natural, and the older woman’s guidance only got her to go deeper. Blake even gave the man’s balls a good sucking too.


While she was busy with her husband’s cock, the Mom teased Blake’s pussy and ass. She was soaked down there. The MILF gave her husband a single wink, telling him Blake was ready for the next step. The naked girl bent over on the couch, presenting her big bubble ass to the man. She wasn’t a virgin but was still very tight. Not wanting to be left out, Mom sat near Blake’s face and spread her legs. Without even being told to do so, the teen girl ate out her mature cunt. The horny couple used the girl as they pleased, turning her over and making her service them. They saw what a horny little slut she was and that if she’d do anything for them, Matt would be set for life. Having earned their seal of approval, they took Blake to their bedroom to celebrate. Seeing her husband fucking a younger girl got her excited, and now the older woman wanted some too. She rode him cowgirl style while Blake used her tongue to flick the milf’s clit. Matt’s current girlfriend came to visit and saw the whole scene. She went through the same exact stuff and knew she was gonna get dumped soon. Back inside, the two naked girls kept switching places, working hard to make the daddy cum. He fucked plenty of hoes, but this one was special. She was the right one for his son. Finally, the girls received a load of cum which the naked girls swapped while kissing. Blake gets her heart broken, but her crush’s parents help her!






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