Sarah accidentally fucked her best friend’s boyfriend and will do it again

While most of her friends are in serious relationships, Sarah likes to stay free. She regularly goes clubbing and fucks a new guy every week. Her bestie was coming over to visit. While she was waiting, Sarah wanted to send some nudes to the guy she banged last weekend. The doorbell rang, and when she answered it, her jaw dropped. Turns out that her bestie’s boyfriend is her one-night stand. Sarah would’ve told on him right there and then if she hadn’t been hoping to ride his fat cock again. When her friend went out to take a call, the hot slut and her lover instantly went for each other. Her tits were way bigger than her friend’s, so the cheating scumbag went for them first. Seeing as she was in charge, Sarah decided to tease him a bit. She was no easy fuck. He’d have to eat her pussy before getting his dick wet. The playboy went down without a second thought and gave her clit the best loving it ever got. Guess he needed to have more than a large tool to land an uptight girl like Sarah’s best friend. Just as he started fucking Sarah, the friend came back, interrupting this naughty exchange. She had to leave because of some work stuff but wanted them to get to know each other better. And boy, did they ever do that. As nothing had happened, the babe spread her legs and demanded he resumes fucking her. Her pussy was so tight, and he didn’t want to blow too soon. Sarah let him stuff his fat schlong down her throat. Despite its size, she barely gagged. He was ready to fuck again and bent the slut over the table. Her friend never returned, and Sarah drained her lover’s balls several times. He fucked her right there on the dining room table. She eagerly rode his big cock until she was squirting all over the kitchen floor!






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