Truth and dare with two naked girls

Every guy has fantasized about joining a bunch of girls at a slumber party and getting his dick wet. His stepsister Violet had a friend over, and they wanted to play truth and dare. Since there were only two of them, the girls invited this guy to play with them. They instantly went for the spicy stuff, asking who their first kiss was, have they ever sucked dick, etc. While he was loving it, Violet could die of embarrassment. She thought if she picked a dare, things would get better. Sadly for her, her bestie is a massive pervert who can only think of dicks and tits. Not long after, his member was out, and he dared the girls to touch it. The friend took it a step further and started to give him a handjob. Naturally, she dared Violet to join in. One thing led to another, and she was sucking her stepbrother off. The dares stopped, but she kept going. The girls worked well together. Obviously, this wasn’t their first time blowing a guy together. Since he was about to blow, he had the naked girls play with each other for a bit. They awkwardly rubbed each other and touched their tits. Next was a game of “Guess who you’re fucking”. He had to close his eyes while banging one of them. Violet actually wanted to go first. He put his dick inside his stepsister’s pussy, while she tried her hardest not to moan. He guessed correctly, which meant that he could now do whatever he wanted with them. Violet’s friend wanted a ride on his dong next while he played with his stepsister’s fat tits. The rest of the night was spent in pure ecstasy, with two sexy naked girls sharing lots of cum and having many orgasms.






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