Spanish chicks are always on the hunt for dicks

Nothing beats going to an exotic country on vacation with your loving girlfriend. Spain is really nice this time of year. After settling in, they asked if there was a small beach nearby where they could have some privacy. There was only one girl there, so they decided to wait until she left. The girlfriend was going to take a nap until then, but her boyfriend was charmed by the Spanish babe oiling up her perfect ass. She made sure he got a good view and made an inviting gesture. As soon as the girlfriend was asleep, he went over to the local girl and didn’t think twice. Before she could say anything, he took off his shorts and shoved his erect member in her face. She loved how forward he was and started to blow him. European girls are famous for being sluts, and she deepthroated him with ease. He threw a glance at his girlfriend and saw she was still sleeping. He was promised sex, and he would have it, no matter who he fucked. The Spanish chick turned around and lifted her naked ass up. He did her doggy style. They got a bit too excited and nearly woke up the girlfriend. To avoid any incidents, the horny girl took him to a hidden place where they could be as loud as they wanted. She stripped down and spread her legs. Like a man possessed, he thrust into her tight pussy, making her moan in pleasure. The naked girl stood over him and impaled herself onto his dick. She rode him so hard that her whole body began to shake. She began to squirt her juices all over him! He was still on the lookout for his girlfriend, but she told him to relax and focus on her. After doing her from behind and making her squirt one more time, he was ready to burst and came all over her tanned body.






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