Confess her feelings to her crush after graduation from high school – PART 3

After much drama at Max’s party, this cool rich kid gets a break. His long-time friend, Blake, approaches him after she endured some serious bullying from his girlfriend. He sees this situation and acts quickly. First, he tells his girlfriend to fuck off, and then he rushes over to Blake and comforts her. The new pair kiss and Max lures her to his bedroom. The girl was dying to do this with him. As soon as they sit on the bed, the guy starts kissing her neck. He makes her peel off her pink dress and frisks her perfect tits. He loves that the girl is shameless when it comes to being naked. Not a minute passes and the busty teen babe has her hands all over his dick. She sucks it and gags on it like there’s no tomorrow. After moaning his head off with pleasure, Max eventually returns the favor. He gently takes the last piece of clothing off of Blake. Her cute white thong just slides off to reveal this girl’s sensual holes. As the pair fuck in missionary, he starts getting some crazy ideas. He makes Blake go prone and bangs her from behind. The girl looks amazing when he pulls her up and makes her go into doggy. He’s just amazed at how beautiful her big bubble ass is. His balls slap against her throbbing clit, making her scream and moan as he continues to fuck her deep and hard. He grabs her boobs with both hands and squeezes them. Then he spoons her pussy, slapping it with his balls, and plugs it in cowgirl. While in reverse cowgirl, the guy just feels he can’t take anymore. The site of her amazing big tits and then her asshole really makes him ready to cum. He doesn’t have time to pull out, so her fills her sweet pussy full of his seed. The two look at each other and agree that this will happen again.






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