Katie didn’t know that being a stepmom also meant to fuck both stepsons

Katie is a blonde MILF that always had high standards. But, as time went on, she came to terms with the fact that Mister Right would have to have some downsides. She finally found a rich and handsome man and instantly fell for him. The only drawback is that he had two teenage sons from a previous relationship. His sons were skeptical at first, but when they saw their new hot mom, they were more than OK with it. From the first day she moved in, Katie had to deal with two horny teenagers trying to get her attention. To get into her pants, the guys had some stupid ideas. Luckily, Katie was the stereotypical blonde and fell for every attempt. When one of them burnt his hands, she helped him by giving him a handjob. Katie “accidentally” slipped her dress down so that he could see her large boobs. He came extremely quickly, and she licked the cum off her hand. At the same time, the other stepson had twisted his ankle and needed some attention from Mommy too. As Katie looked at his injury, the pervert grabbed a handful of her titties. She kind of enjoyed having two teenagers lusting after her. It made her feel young again. Seeing she was OK with being groped, he took out his dick and waited to see her reaction.


The blonde simply smiled and thought she was the luckiest MILF having two hard cocks to fuck daily. He expected a handjob or a blowjob, but his stepmom moved her panties aside and put it inside her cunt. She’d taken a lot of big cocks in her time, and her stepson’s was one of the bigger ones. He was a quick shot like his brother, and she finished him off using his cum sock. Just as the MILF thought the boys would leave her alone, one of them shoved his face in her ass. Her other stepson walked in, and the two started to fight. The only solution the mommy saw was to fuck both of them and leave their balls empty. Siblings share everything, even slutty stepmoms. Katie got on her knees and waited for their young pricks. Already rock hard, she sucked one while jerking the other. The boys couldn’t get enough of her massive soft breasts. They came fast last time, but now she needed to do more. Her pussy wasn’t satisfied from the quicky, so she was ready for more cock. One guy did her doggy style while the other fucked her face. The MILF was an expert at handling multiple men and teased them so they would fuck her harder. The two boys were now competing who’d make stepmom orgasm more times. She switched to cowgirl and let her other stepson fuck her now. Katie loved her new life and accepted her role as a stepmom.






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