Keeping my nymphomaniac girlfriend happy is hard work

Most guys are jealous when I tell them my GF is horny 24/7. Sex whenever you want sounds amazing. But sex whenever she wants it is a completely different thing. Whenever we’re alone, and in a remotely sexual situation, she wants to go. One morning, I walked in to take a piss while my naked girlfriend was showering. She thought I came to spy on her and fuck her in the shower. When I told her that was not the case, she threatened that she’d go find another guy. Reluctantly, I gave her a quick pounding, which left me feeling tired. After cleaning up, we went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. I accidentally rubbed against her butt, and she got horny again. Girls have it easy since they can do it instantly after an orgasm, but we need a bit to recover. I said no, and that she could go masturbate, which she did. While having my eggs and toast, I could see her playing with herself in the living room, rubbing her pussy lips and her clit in front of me. Later, we got in my car to go shopping. While I was driving, my girlfriend started to feel up my dick. She wanted to blow me while I was driving.


Getting your dick sucked while in traffic is one of the best things I experienced in my life. For the first time in a long while, I enjoyed having a massive slut for a girlfriend. Since we still needed to go into a bunch of stores, she stopped when I came in her mouth. She promised to be a good girl and wait for another portion of sperm until we got home. We finished up that stuff quickly and drove home as quickly as we good. We didn’t even bother to unpack the groceries and went straight to the bedroom. My babe loves giving blowjobs and wanted to feel my cum in her mouth before the main course. It didn’t take long for me to blow after being teased in the car. I knew she wouldn’t be happy until both of us came a few more times, so I prepared myself. Barely a minute after cumming in her mouth, she moved her panties aside and put my cock inside her. She must have slipped some Viagra into my food this morning since I got hard again in a second. I expected her to go full force from the start, but she rode me gently. It’s nice to have a romantic moment like this, your nympho GF riding you reverse cowgirl style while looking at you with her blue eyes. Sadly, it passed quickly as she turned around to pick up the pace. This let me get a handful of her ass. She loves when I grope and smack it. She had an orgasm when I slapped it, and her pussy tightened around my dick. We had to stop and switch positions. I managed to make her cum three more times in missionary before jizzing inside her.






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