Making body painting even more sexual

Everyone knows that art hoes are the sluttiest girls in the world. This freshman takes this to another level, though. Her assignment was to express herself on the canvas, and her idea was to paint using her young nude body. The naked girl painted her rock-hard nipples and rubbed against the cloth. Sadly, it didn’t come out as she hoped it would, so she got her boyfriend to help. Thinking this was another one of her sexual experiments, he was more than happy to assist her. One thing leads to another, and the naked girl is down on her knees, sucking his fat dick. Her mind was completely away from the assignment and on his dick. She teased the tip while giving the rest a handjob. Screw the class. It’s time to fuck! The couple moved onto the couch, where she got on top. Her tight ass bounced on his erect member. What he loved doing the most was to lift her up and fuck her while standing. Her entire body shivered as this beast of a man pounded her. This always made her cum really hard, and she needed a breather. Back on the couch, the naked girl lied down and let him do his thing. He moved slowly to give her some rest but picked up the pace when she looked up with that slutty gaze of hers. Her young pussy was sore, but she couldn’t say no to his massive schlong. Every time she orgasmed, he lifted her up and put her in a different position. Doggy style was his favorite since it allowed him to go balls deep inside. Her moaning got louder as she approached yet another orgasm. He remembered her assignment and had a genius idea. The naked artist blew him until he was ready to blow. He jizzed all over her face, and she would go into class like that.






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