Desperate housewife gets all oiled up and fucked in the ass by the pool boy

Angie is a sexy babe who likes to spend her husband’s money and fuck around. Today she is hanging out at the pool with her husband when the pool boy Emilio catches their attention. He pulls her bikini to aside to show off his wife’s asshole to the poolboy! Se has amazing big tits and he wants her to expose them to the guy as well. Flashing her pussy and her asshole to a stranger makes her so wet. She laughs as the oil drips down. “I think this is making him hard,” she laughs. Angie thinks he is hot and her husband thinks he can save some money on pool cleaning. So the couple calls him over and offers to barter with him. 1 year of free pool cleaning and in exchange he could fuck Angie in the ass! This pool boy doesn’t waste any time on things such as foreplay. He sticks his dick in Angie’s ass as she lies flat on her stomach. They both enjoy this anal-prone bone. If there ever was a dirty girl, then it’s Angie. She doesn’t mind doing ass-to-mouth. Only gaging and slurping noises can be heard as she licks that shaft clean. The guy lies down and takes her asshole in reverse cowgirl. Opening up Angie’s sphincter has never been this easy. The girl lets him flip her around like a sex toy. He stuffs that cute ass in cowgirl and then even in pile driver. Her head is bent backward to take that dick. As he plows, the brown hole winks at him. This spectacle gets him so close that he pulls out. Fearing that her pool boy might cum anywhere but in her mouth, she gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide. This signals to him that she’s ready to take his gift. He jerks it off slowly until a huge wave of cum erupts in Angie’s face. She can’t wait for the boys to “clean her pool” again.






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