Seeing the petite blonde dancing for social media made me want to bang her

The moment the weather is nice Emma is outside filming her trendy videos to post on social media for clout. Seeing her strut around in her short little skirt made it impossible not to join in on the fun. Thankfully, the teen babe quickly finished filming and was ready to move on to the next step, which is fooling around with me on camera. Her petite body is perfect for me, so I watch her do the splits to seduce me with pure joy in her eyes. After testing out her flexibility and spanking her juicy little ass I couldn’t stop myself from getting rock-hard and ready to plow her relentlessly. Luckily, the girl was just as horny as was I so she let me pick her up and play with her however I pleased. The moment I put her down on the backyard sofa she slid down my shorts to get a good view of my throbbing cock. Without wasting a moment she grabbed it with her petite hands and gave it a good suck whilst kissing my heavy balls. Staring into her pretty blonde eyes made me want to taste and face fuck her simultaneously, so I flipped her upside down and picked her up to do just that. Her young pussy tasted like an ice cream. Her lips and tongue worked all over my huge penis. Once I felt how wet she was I swiftly bent her ass over and started to stretch out her pussy with my meat from behind.


Even though she’s extra tight, she managed to take every inch of me with ease and I was enjoying every second of it. Whenever I’d get tired she’d bounce back onto me, so instead of doing all the work I sat beside her and let her ride me vigorously. Listening to her loud moans while we were being raunchy in the backyard made me harder than ever, so I swiftly picked the tiny naked girl up and pummeled her as she was in my arms. During our raunchy banging session, we couldn’t stop ourselves from staring into each other and making out, which was making both of us extra horny. After feeling a bit tired from railing her relentlessly I desperately wanted to catch my breath, but that’s not what Emma had in mind. Instead of letting me rest, the little whore climbed on top and rode me like never before, which gave me the strength to continue thrusting deep inside of her until she had a shivering orgasm. The second she came I felt her insides tighten up around my throbbing rod which was on the edge of busting the fattest nut ever. Somehow I managed to pull myself together and not cum that instant, so I continued to pummel her tight twat with joy until I was ready to release my load. As soon as I was about to bust she got on her knees, which made it easy for me to feed her my load.






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