Two girls use their best assets in the race to become class president

When applying for college, having a good resume matters a lot. Gem and Khloe weren’t the best students, but the girls found out that being active in the community looks great. No one really wants to be class president, but the teachers think highly of the position. As such, the girls set out to campaign by doing the only thing they know. Sucking dick. Gem found the address of every guy in her class and went door to door asking for their vote. If they would say no, she would flash her tits or whatever else they wanted. This guy invited her inside and had the teen slut on her knees within seconds. Her mouth popped open, and she started to suck him off. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she went to hide. It was Khloe, her rival. Gem didn’t have much time, and Khloe spotted her instantly. Rather than watch a catfight, the man wanted a threesome. He said he’d vote for whoever made him feel better. The girls agreed and started to make out. While Gem went back to blowing him, Khloe went nose first in Gem’s fat ass. She couldn’t focus on the blowjob if her pussy was being licked and teased. At least, that was the plan. He throat fucked the curly haired girl who could barely breathe. Since plan A failed, Khloe went to plan B(lowjob). The two teens sucked him off at the same time. While she wasn’t as good at deepthroating, Khloe was great with her tongue. Neither were ready to lose and gave it their best effort. The teen babe got on top and rode the lucky man cowgirl style. She even let him fuck her tight little ass, and Gem could only hope to get sloppy seconds while licking her rival’s pussy. These student body presidential hopefuls got on all fours next to each other and he kept fucking their assholes. The best part of the orgy was having both naked girls on all fours as his huge cock went from one young cunt to the other and from one tight asshole to the other and cumming in their holes.






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