He came to check some electrical stuff and clean out her pipes

It’s never nice to see a strange man in your house when you open the door. She was calm enough not to scream and asked who he was. Turns out, it was some distant cousin to whom she’s not really related. He was there to fix the fuse box. She felt relieved but also a bit horny. Even if he technically is family, he was just her type. After a bad date, this hot brunette just needed some dick! No man could resist a dark-haired babe in a tight dress. She got out of her outfit and helped pull down his pants. Her lips were in desperate need of a dick to suck on, and his was perfect. It was very big, so she only played with the tip. But she didn’t mind when he forced her head down until she started to choke on it. He wanted to return the favor and started to finger her. A slut like this wouldn’t be easy to please with just one or two, so he used four. Almost fisting her, he reached deep inside her pussy. With enough effort and dirty talk, she orgasmed, squirting all over his hand. But he didn’t give her any time to recover and slammed his dick inside her still sensitive cunt. She loved being used like that. Rough men were her favorite. While pounding away, he grabbed her modestly sized tits and started to suck on them. This made her cum one more time. Her pussy lips were throbbing all over his cock. Her clit was pulsing from a strong orgasm. He could see that she was hungry for more and turned her around to fuck her doggy style. Her ass made loud slapping noises as he rammed into her. Orgasm after orgasm, they kept going until he finally blew a load inside.






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