Picking up a slutty blonde and getting the girlfriend experience

The best way to make a long trip interesting is to pick up cute hitchhiking girls along the way. While driving across the country, our hero spotted a lone blonde walking by the side of the road. He offered her a ride if she flashed him her boobs. Without any hesitation, the sexy babe unbuttoned her shirt and showed her perky titties and pierced nipples. This would get her to town, but the guy decided to push his luck. While driving, he offered her some cash if she would be his girlfriend for the next ten or so minutes. By that, he meant that he’d pay her for a blowjob. Obviously, down on her luck, or just a massive slut, she agreed. They stopped under the bridge and got out. Her tits were still out of her shirt, and he gave them a nice squeeze while she was stroking his dick. The girl wasn’t new to sucking off strangers and managed to deepthroat his big cock with no effort. She was determined to give him his money’s worth and didn’t even stop when someone walked by them. Maybe she’s into exhibitionism because after being spotted, she wanted to fuck. No bribes or favors are needed. She just pulled down her pants and bent over the front of his car. Her pussy was nice and wet, and he didn’t want to bother with protection, so he just went in. After pounding her doggy style for a bit, he wanted to see her on top. They did it right there on the ground, where everyone could see them. Her amazing big tits were bouncing up and down in front of his face. Her wet cunt was slamming hard down onto his dick. Luckily, neither was in a hurry, so they spent a few more hours having sex in public before finishing and parting ways.






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