Slutty teen fucks the history teacher through a gloryhole in the classroom wall

Being a young high school student isn’t that easy. Your hormones go wild, and you want to fuck and suck huge cocks all the time. This young couple skips school every now and then just to stay home and bang all day. But that’s not an option anymore. One more day, she discovers an errant gloryhole in the classroom wall! And it’s not long or hard before this slut has a fat cock buried in her throat through the classroom wall. That worked well until this bitchy classmate caught them red-handed and told the teacher. The teacher decides to take this fantastic opportunity and grab some young pussy. Now he has to play stern and angry and tells the boy to go to the dean. Of course, the main goal is to take his place and bang the brains out of this little whore. What man would pass the chance to get a blowjob from a horny, barely legal blonde student? She is younger than he is and she has a gorgeous body, young, curvy and so hot! This must be the best day of his life. He puts his imposing dick through the hole and waits. The girl notices that this isn’t her boyfriend’s dick. Good for her, since she got a bit bored with her boyfriend already. This one is even bigger and fatter, to her endless delight. She’s dying for some sexy action, so she starts to suck him off immediately.


After a while, the teacher goes back to the classroom since the blowjob was just foreplay. The best part is yet to come. The sexy babe teases him a bit more with her tongue and then offers him her fresh, wet pussy. For a long time, she longed for an experienced, mature man to properly fuck her, and now got the chance. She cannot wait to take this huge dick and asks him to take her doggy style first. All his dreams come true at this moment. His busty, blue-eyed, seemingly innocent student begs for his cock. He stares at her tight, wet cunt and starts to fuck her madly. There’s nothing better than fresh, young pussy! The sexy babe moans loudly and then lays on the table to take him deeper. She also wants him to look at her bald, tight pussy while he pounds her. His huge cock is going balls deep in and out of her teen cunt. After a while, she asks him to lie down so she can go cowgirl on him. She is insatiable and wants to take his dick up to the balls and try every single position. She’s delighted since the teacher can last way longer than her boyfriend. She’s gotten the best sex of her life so far and will use that to get an A in history. Also, this certainly won’t be their last pupil-teacher meeting.






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