A Shower for Two

My panties hit the floor as I turned on the water to the shower. I slipped one of my feet out and kicked them to the corner of the bathroom with other. Adjusting the temperature, I watched the water stream out of the shower head that hung from above. It was the kind you could just stand under and let the water rain down on you.

Admiring my naked body in the mirror, I ran my hands over myself, before stepping in. I wanted to make sure I looked just as beautiful as my husband always told me I was. I couldn’t wait for him to join me in the shower as he finished up a couple things around the house.

Sliding the glass shower door closed after I stepped in, I felt the warm water flow over my body. The feeling intensified as the wet flood ran over my nipples.

It didn’t take long for hubby to finish up the chores around the house. He knew we were going to have shower sex, one of his favorite things (and mine.)

A few minutes passed before he entered the bathroom, already undressed, and slid the glass door open a bit to peek in. He looked me up and down with excitement in his eyes before stepping in and closing the door.

It had been a while since we’d been intimate, so it didn’t take long before we started making out, letting our hands roam free: his big strong ones glided down my back while mine reached between us to grab his already hard, throbbing cock. I loved how excited I could make him and how excited I felt.

We continue to make out as I rubbed his shaft on that special part between my legs,  and within minutes, I was slippery wet and could feel tingles down my thighs. Our moans echoed in the shower as he backed me up, holding me against the wall.

Putting one leg up on the edge of the tub, I guided his cock inside me. I felt so full and warm as he moved his hips back and forth.

As he devoured my neck, I moved my head to the side. I kept my hand around the back of his head hoping that he wouldn’t stop. Closing my eyes, I focused on the sensations.

It wasn’t long before he plunged deep into me and held his position there, and I could feel his body stiffen. A low groan came from him as he shot his load into me.

As soon as I realize what was happening, it put me over the edge. Warm waves of pleasure flowed from my pussy throughout my body. Both of us climaxed together. I could barely stand, and I held on to him for support, shaking in pure pleasure and feeling convulsions between my legs as he slowly pulled out.

Looking down, we watched his cum drip out of me. We tried to calm down while we continued showering, helping each other soap up and rinse off.

Turning off the water, we stepped out of the shower. He gave me my towel, and we dried off. We knew we wanted more of each other; his erection was persistent, my nipples were hard, and it felt wonderful to dry off between my legs with the towel.

We walked into the bedroom to get our clothes on, but there was no resisting the burning desire we had for each other. We continued making out before he pushed me down on the bed, covering my body with tender kisses. He started on my lips, working down my tummy and then onward to my mound. The most wonderful sensation shot through my body as I felt his warm breath over my pussy between my spread legs that he held open. His lips took a firm grasp of my wet folds before he let them slip out of his mouth and snap back into place.

I pushed my hips up, allowing him to slip his tongue as deep as he could. He made me come so many times that I lost count. I was so tender and sensitive, I had to tell him to stop, lol.

He came up to the bed and lay on his side next to me as I was lying on my back. A satisfied smile played across his face as he gently ran his fingertips over my breasts and down my stomach.


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