Her Mood

There were a few clouds, but otherwise, it was a beautiful Sunday morning. We stepped out of the car and walked together towards the sanctuary. She had forgotten something though, and went back. Her shapely ass had my full attention while she bent over and fumbled around for whatever it was. When she turned to walk back towards me, the sun peeked out from behind a cloud and it’s brilliant morning rays turned my wife’s dress translucent. For a just a few moments, her red bra and panties were clearly visible.

My boxers got tighter as she drew closer with her feminine charms revealed in a nearly naked silhouette. Her demeanor suggested no hint that she was aware of her exposure, and all too soon, another cloud put an end to the show.

“What were you looking at so hard?”

“Oh, just my beautiful wife.”

That got me a smile, and I placed my hand on the small of her back and guided her inside. We politely passed through the crowd to our pew, and after a song and a prayer, she headed off to teach her class, while I, (please forgive me), prepared to endure mine.

11:00am rolled around and she rejoined me looking absolutely resplendent. The service was long, but inspiring, guiding my mind and heart to things spiritual. But as the service ended, and we were preparing to leave, I couldn’t help but pray for clear skies.

She excused herself to the restroom on the way out and, while I waited, I noted with voyeuristic joy that the sun was shining brightly. I knew I was being ridiculous, but I really wanted another naughty reveal. My cock did too, and I discreetly shifted him to be less obvious. She finally emerged from the bathroom, slipped her arm through mine, and we headed down the steps. There were a few idle conversations taking place outside, but no one seemed to be paying us any attention.

As we descended the final step, she raised her hand to shield her eyes, then she quickly took a few steps ahead, turned and posed. I couldn’t believe my eyes … Her dress was translucent again but she was no longer wearing a bra or panties. Her clearly bare breasts were almost perfectly visible, and even her dark, triangular shaped bush beckoned to my eyes. She did a slow turn, flashed a dazzling smile, then walked briskly to our car.

I was stunned, but had enough sense to look around. No one seemed the wiser, except Denise, one of the ladies from our sex positive couples group, who caught my eye, dropped her husband’s hand, and came over. “Well, it looks like she’s in a sexy mood. Don’t keep her waiting.”  Then she winked and headed back to her husband. I looked back to my wife, who had witnessed the whole thing, and she also winked. Wondering what to do about her “mood”, I numbly headed in her direction.

I would shortly find out.

We loaded up and just as soon as the church was in the rear view mirror, she slid across the bench seat, turned her back and said, “Unzip me.”

I did, and stole quick  glances as she stripped out of her dress and shoes. That done, she moved next to me, rubbed my cock, and whispered, “You need to be naked, too”, then set about making that happen. Some part of me knew this was all very risky, but my cock had my brain bound, gagged, and stuffed behind the seat.

Luckily, I had taken the back way home, and what was left of my senses spotted a deserted side road. So, while my wife was face down, ass up with my cock in her throat, I pulled in and looked for a place to park. There was a little grassy spot that looked promising, so that’s where I pointed the car. The road was actually visible from where we were, but I had too much going on below my waist to think about it.

When she realized we had stopped, she raised up off my dick, took a quick look around, said, “This is perfect”, then straddled me in the seat. To make room, I quickly let it back and down as far as it would go, and she buried my cock inside her wet love tunnel. So, here we were, two naked people fucking in the front seat within sight of a public road. Granted, it was unlikely that anyone would’ve have noticed our car, let alone the two of us in it, but still.

My wife started grinding on my cock like her life depended on it, and I was doing my best to help her enjoy the ride. She started to get close, so I grabbed her hips and thrust her backwards and forwards as hard as I could. She gave over to her pleasure, squeezed my dick, and lost all composure. Her head shook from side to side, and her whole body writhed in orgasmic delight.

Her words were that of a woman totally lost in the moment, and I thought she was going to rip out my chest hair. My balls and hips were coated in her juices, and we were both sweaty from the heated exertions. She finally started to come down and laid on me while her breathing slowed. I still hadn’t cum, but my dick was begging for it.

So, with him firmly in charge, I told her to open the door and step out. I followed a bit clumsily, but finally, we both stood naked beside the car. I locked her in an embrace and kissed her hard before telling her to walk to the back. Then I took my shirt, pants, her dress, and made something of a pad on the trunk. She got the idea, and laid face down on the makeshift little mattress. Stepping behind her, I spread her legs a little, and sank balls deep into her juicy pussy.

Her moans encouraged me and for a few minutes, I just pounded. The view was spectacular. My naked wife was spread out on the back of a car in the wide open country side with the sun shining on our glistening skin. Her pussy felt like wet silk and, at the moment, nothing else mattered but the connection between my dick and her pussy. She was rising to another orgasm and mine was very close. I doubled down on my thrusting and mine hit first. I roared like a caveman as I emptied my balls, and that triggered her second orgasm. She panted and I continued to thrust, albeit slower, even ejaculating a second time. I laid on her back as our breathing sync’ed up and we came down together.

A couple of minutes had passed when our post-sex reverie was interrupted by a car starting behind us. We whipped our heads around quickly and saw Denise and her husband waving before her head disappeared into his lap, and they backed away. My wife and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

She said, “Well, there are worse people in the world who could have caught us.” I agreed, and we set about gathering out clothes and loading up. We had just pulled into the garage when when my wife’s phone dinged. She covered her mouth, said , “OMG!”, then handed me her phone. The picture was clearly us. You could see my naked butt, my wife’s spread legs, and her face down on the trunk.

My wife covered her eyes and shook her head, “I wonder how long they were watching.”

“I have no idea babe.” “I was a little preoccupied.”

“Me too. I’m so embarrassed!”

“Don’t be. It’s not like they’re total strangers.”

“I guess.”

“Anyway, you saw where her head went. If anything, maybe we lit a spark.”

She just shook her head. “Well, maybe.”

We talked a bit, then laughed it off and set about enjoying the rest of our evening. About an hour or so later my wife’s phone dinged again. She giggled and handed me her phone. Our voyeurs had sent a selfie. There weren’t any naughty bits in view, but they were clearly in the aftermath of a sexy tryst. The caption read, “Thanks for the inspiration!” My wife stared at me open mouthed and burst into a fit of giggles. Her “mood” had turned this into a very sexy Sunday.

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