Meeting “Guy”

Last month, you read my husband’s story of how we met. Now it’s my turn to set the record straight. (Just teasing, honey.) However, I want our readers to get my point of view, so here goes.

Being raised with three athletic brothers was a big influence on me. The oldest went on to play wide receiver in college. The twins both played tennis at their school. I developed athletically, cheerleading and playing volleyball through high school. It helped me, as a skinny teen, to build an athletic yet feminine physique.

In college, when I decided I wanted to become an RN, I focused mainly on my studies. I still played some volleyball, which kept me fit, but I especially loved being a cheerleader.

Guy?  Well, I always wanted to get to know him, but he had his own group that he hung out with. He never seemed to seriously “connect” with any of the girls though, and now I know why; he was destined to be mine! The guys I dated were too full of themselves or wanted an easy lay. I wasn’t into that. I wanted to find the man I’d spend my life with—and I did!

The night we really “found” each other was at a dance put on by my fellow nursing students. My girlfriends had convinced me to get a complete makeover, and I was surprised at how well it turned out. I remember looking in the mirror, thinking, “Wow, is that really me?” And as you’ll see, I was on a road of self-discovery. With Guy, I seemed to unveil the passionate woman who had been hidden deep inside.

At the party, I danced with a couple of nice guys, cutting up as friends, but didn’t feel anything serious with any of them even though they were persistent. Later, Guy came up, reintroduced himself, and asked if I’d dance with him. I’m sure I stuttered and was a little nervous as I said yes. But we immediately  had “chemistry.” After that, he had every dance.

During our first slow dance, as he held me close, I remember I thought, “My God, he smells good!”  It felt so good when he pulled me close. I could feel my breasts press against him, and the sensation  made me… well, something just “went off” inside me, and it felt good.

Right away, I could feel his bulge pushing hard against my tummy. Guy tried to shift so I wouldn’t notice, but it was too late. I hid my smile and pretended not to feel it, but I was actually glad that I had that effect on him.

Yes, I read his memory of the upskirt situation. (Read his entry, “How I Met Blue”), but even though that one wasn’t intentional, I’m glad he got his first “peek.” Later, it became quite a turn-on for me!

After college, I married Guy, and somehow, a new me was released. This demure bookworm began to spread her wings. And for Guy, I  spread more than that!!!

I’ve been hungry for him ever since! Actually, he teases me that I’m “insatiable,” and… he’s right! Now, I often become the aggressor, and even shock Guy with the sex scenarios I dream up.

He had unleashed a hidden passion in me, and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do! I still do. If you read our other submissions, you’ll understand!

I remember the first time we shared oral sex, I was terribly nervous. But Guy was patient and helped me learn to do it right. And the first time he went down on me, I thought the top of my head would explode as I reached an orgasm. It was absolutely amazing then, and still is! He especially turns me on the way he kisses my whole body; either from my neck down, working all the way down my back to my buns, or from my ankles upward to my “flower.” You get the picture?

I absolutely love sex, and I really love it with Guy!


* Well, it’s about  20 hours later on Friday afternoon, and I took a break from typing to get ready for a special night.  I’ve made plans for a romantic and sensual scenario with Guy.

After a light supper, we enjoy a hot soaking bath together and a couple of glasses of red.  Soon I straddle him, and as I take his dick inside me, I whisper how I  want the evening to unfold. It takes awhile to make it out of the jet-tub, but after drying off, we get dressed.

First I put on a pastel yellow, braless summer dress, new open toe high heels, sheer panties, and my gold ankle bracelet. I know what Guy likes, and as I look in the mirror, I’m sure he will get the message.

At sunset, I put on some sensual music and ask him to slow dance with me in the candle-lit four-seasons room. As we embrace and kiss, I feel his dick get hard. He slips his hands up my dress, caressing my butt cheeks. Mmm, I really like his hands on my ass.

The shades on the windows are open, adding to the unrestricted  scenario. He asks if anyone can see us.

“Honey, by now, who knows… or cares! Just keep going!”

As I unbutton his shirt, he pulls the straps of my dress down over my shoulders, and it slips over my hips to the floor. I step out of it and stand in only white see-through  panties and my high heels.

Guy takes a step back as he takes in the full view of my breasts, then traces down my body, making love to me with his gaze. As he nearly blushes with a blend of love and sexual desire, his eyes look into mine, and I melt as I hear him start to say, “Baby, you’re the most beautiful woman…. ” But I move in and interrupt him with a passionate kiss.

I swear, his dick nearly breaks out of his linen slacks! I smile as his hands move all over my nearly naked figure. We kiss, then I  move down to unbuckle his pants. As I pull them down, his erect cock is an inch from my face, begging to be licked.

On my knees, I take his cock in my hand. It’s hot, throbbing. Slowly, I lick the head, taking pleasure in feeling him squirm. He caresses my dark brown hair as I lovingly take the head in my mouth.

I love the texture of his cock head as my tongue circles around it. His pre-cum tastes great, and then I take him fully into my mouth. I really love the taste of his cock and the challenge of swallowing all of it.

He can only take a few minutes of me sucking him, then he pulls me to my feet and kisses my bare breasts as his hands move to my butt, sliding under my moistening panties. I’m trembling with desire to have his tongue in me and to feel his cock in my moistening pussy.

He lifts me into his arms and carries me to the couch.  I end up sitting crossways on his lap in only panties. He moves his mouth from my lips to my nipples, back and forth: sucking my titties, French kissing me, driving me crazy! He opens my legs so he can massage my inner thighs, working up to my moist panties. I try feverishly to pull my them off to give him full access to me, then he helps get them over my heels and off.

Our breathing and heart rates have increased to a feverish pitch. I stroke his cock, kissing his neck as he skillfully fingers me, teasing my clitoris. Soon I feel an approaching orgasm, and my body begins to tremor. Guy can make me cum so quickly and often! But not yet. He moves me around so he can take my heels off, and gently kisses my feet, my ankles, and works his way up my legs. I want his tongue in me, making me cum as he does so well!

But it’s my scenario, so I gather my strength, push him back, get up on the couch, move over his face and straddle it. Lowering myself, I feel his hot breath between my legs as my pussy rests on his mouth.

Without hesitation, he shoots his tongue into my pussy, and I thrust my hips to face-“f” him. His hands caress my butt, and soon I’m totally out of control, thrusting my hips as he eats me out so skillfully! Momentarily I wonder if the neighbors can hear my gasps of ecstasy.

Suddenly I give out a shriek of pleasure as I orgasm! My body is shaking, my toes curling! I can’t hold back–I don’t hold back—as I cum almost convulsively!

Oh, my God, I love Guy! I love his kisses, I love his tongue in me, I love his cock in me, I love “f’g” him!! (Sorry, I get carried away, but it’s just so good!)

Eventually Guy forcefully moves me to my back again, spreads my legs wide, and coats the head of his dick with my wetness. Starting the head inside me, he then pushes my ankles above my head. Then slowly, teasingly, he slips his hard cock into my pussy. I’m almost breathless at the feeling of his hot swollen cock sliding deep inside me.

I pull his face to mine, kissing him passionately. I can taste the flavor of my own juices from him eating me out! His thrusts interrupt our kiss as I gasp with ecstasy. In spite of the pounding he gives me, I beg for more.  “‘F’ me, baby!  ‘F’ me til I beg you to stop!”

Our flesh crashes into each other as our pace quickens. Before long, though, he pulls out to keep from cumming, and instead fingers me as he sucks my nipples and kisses me all over!

Then, after he recovers, he leads me around to the couch arm. He bends me over it and slides his dick in me doggy style. It’s one of his favorite positions. I can barely get my breath as I’m pinned over the couch, but I take every thrust, every hot inch he gives me. With each thrust, I feel his pubic hair tickle my “rosebud,” and it excites my imagination.

I know my moans and gasps of pleasure are getting louder and that any neighbor might hear them through the screens. But it feels so good I can’t control myself, and I plead for him to keep “f’g” me! After awhile, he pulls out to avoid cumming in me, and I know he has other plans. Guy picks me up again, and carries me to the inside the house.

Barely reaching the plush rug in front of the fireplace, we take a sideways 69 position and devour each other. By now I’m trembling in ecstatic, lustful anticipation, wanting to cum again.  Our bodies are out of control with the coming climaxes. And sure enough, within a few minutes, as his tongue licks my pussy and I devour his swollen cock, we both reach full eruptive pleasure and climax within seconds of each other!

After a few moments, we’re both completely drained, and lie there, trying to catch our breath. I don’t know who’s more exhausted, Guy or me. Eventually, partially recovered, we end up crashing into bed and sleeping late, still naked.

Anyway, that’s my version of how I met Guy, and discovered my sexual potential, as I tried to describe. That night pretty much paints a picture of how our sexual liberty can express itself, though obviously not always as dramatically.

I hope it inspires you to be creative too. Spontaneity is sexy, but I know my husband also loves it when I initiate my creative sexual fantasies.

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