Morning Favor

Because of our schedules, the night-time “routine” for my wife and me isn’t always promising.  More times than not, one of us falls asleep before we can get the ball rolling.  One night, I really needed a release. My wife was incredibly tired and fell asleep shortly after we put the kids to bed.  I went to bed with a hard-on but didn’t want to disturb my wife.  All night, I kept tossing and turning as my cock kept rising repeatedly.

I found myself awake in the morning before my wife.  I usually have a thick morning chub, but this one was a record for me.  I grabbed ahold and started pumping away trying not to wake my wife.  As my cock grew, my strokes became stronger and stronger.

My wife started to rustle, turning toward me.  I stopped so I didn’t wake her.  She whispered in a quiet and tired voice, “Keep going. It’s okay.” Her eyes slightly opened to see what I was working with.  “Geez, that’s bigger than normal,” she said.

With that compliment, I started going back to work.  She placed her head on my chest and cupped my balls in her hand. They always hang quite nicely in the mornings.

I’ve always voiced that I loved the idea of giving her a facial.  She wasn’t a fan of that, so we never did it. But she’d put her face in front of me to give me the illusion of performing the act.  More times than not, it worked to get me there.  In those instances, I’d usually go on a towel, or she’d let me finish on her tits.

This was one of those times she was helping me out.  Every couple of minutes, she slid her head lower.  She got so close that I could feel her breath on the tip of my cock.  I picked up the pace.  She caught on, and every couple of breaths, she’d let out a nice long cool breath that caused my cock to twitch in my own hands. Every once in a while, the head of it would brush against her lips. She’d move her head slightly back and forth maximizing the soft touch of her lips to my sensitive cock.

I started running my hands through her hair and rubbing her head. I usually did this to tell her when I was getting ready.  She’d feel my hand tighten and grab her hair, her cue to get out of the way. It worked every time we did this. This time, I grabbed her hair like usual, but she didn’t move.

“I’m going to cum babe,” I warned her.  She simply swept her hair behind her to get it out of the way but kept her head mere inches from my cock. In my head, I said, “Oh shit, she’s doing it.” I point my cock right at her face with the last few jerks. I started moaning for the last warning.  Out of my cock, shot one of the biggest ropes of cum ever.  After that, I felt my cock just start spraying.

I expected her to move, but she stayed put until I was done. She didn’t budge until I had pulled every last drop out of me and dropped my cock.  Then she rose and turned toward me, knowing I wanted to see it.  What a view that was.

My wife went and got cleaned up and even came back with a coffee for us to share.  We sat in bed as she cuddled up again and occasionally played with my balls as they hung a little happier that day. What a great start to the morning.

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